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4/10/11 7:43 P

stand holding a bar, and lift knees to your waist while bending forward some. a modified crunch, then switch legs

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4/10/11 5:40 P

There are many other exercises that work on the abdominals. The sit up also engages muscles other than the obliques.

Leg extensions (In the sit-up position but you prop your upper body up with your arms. You raise one foot at a time or both feet together upward or up and out from you)

Seated crunches (doing the crunch motion while seated on a bench - keeping your back straight. you're lifting your knees up rather than raising your entire upper body).

Leg raises (while suspended/hanging from a bar - like the seated crunch, you lift your legs upward)

Pelvi lifts (you're laying down - and you raise your legs up into the air so that your glutes are off the floor)

Pelvic rotations - laying down you bend your legs at the knee and twist your legs from side to side - not up and down.

Sidelying torso flexion (laying on your side you raise your upper body upwards and sideways)

Broomstick Twist: using a broom or other stick behind your head (like someone carrying water up a hill in the old time days) you sit down or stand and twist side to side.

Seated Tummy Tucks (you tuck your legs underneath you - raising your butt off your ankles so you're not fully seated and you draw your midsection backwards and upwards to round your back - you can put your arms on the floor for support for this one)

Horizontal Stabilizations: in the push-up position but you don't go up and down, you just support yourself in the air and hold this position for a while.

I hope this helps some!

LINEY223 Posts: 487
4/10/11 4:21 P

thanks for the suggestions.

I will try working at it further. I am just rubbish at them and can't even lift my head and shoulders up from the floor!

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4/10/11 12:49 P

When I first started out, I would just sit in a chair and bend down to touch my toes, I would do that 100 times. That works the upper abs. To work the lower abs (that kangaroo pouch some women get) lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. If you can do 5 sets of 20 of each, it is somewhat like doing situps.

If you want a really sexy core, I love Zumba and most Latin dance exercise videos. They really work the abs, hips, glutes and legs.

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4/10/11 12:40 P

Do your muscles actually tear or just hurt? If they tear you should see a physical therapist and disregard the rest of my advice. If they just hurt then carry on. If you are very new to exercise I would highly recommend walking. Hold your stomach muscles tight while you walk and you will be using them. It's like tucking in your tail bone. That would give you a foundation to work with. After a few weeks you could try some crunches. I really love my exercise ball and use it for so many core exercises. Seriously indespensible for me. Also full body exercises that engage your core are good too. Use the videos here for some ideas.

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4/10/11 11:37 A

Hi Liney223,
I have a serious spinal injury and when I started I was in pain city..
I found standing crunches didn't hurt as much as laying on the floor and side bends... I try to avoid twisting motions but using a broom stick and gentle rotation can also work the stomach muscles..

If you feel game to go to a gym perhaps pilates is also good to way strengthen core muscles the instructor can help you improve your form with time..

Red broom stick twists
dumbbell side bends
standing crunches

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4/10/11 10:02 A

I cannot do sit ups to save my life. My stomach muscles are like bits of wet paper - tear easily and have no strength in them at all.

I can't really even do crunches. Planks are useles as my tummy touches the floor so I am just resting on that not supporting my core at all!!

Does anyone know any easy ways of doing some form of exercise or some way I can adapt them so that a feeble very overweight person can do them or some alternative to getting some stomach muscles at all?


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