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4/10/13 12:26 P

Sounds like planks are the way to go! We have a fitness challenge at my work and we were to pick 5 of 7 challenges and one was 1000 sit ups. I'm honestly not a fan of sit ups and now I am pushing myself to get them in as I have 680 to go in the next two weeks. I should have spread them out more but they were too hard to do at first. Planks were an option, I should have chosen those. I think going forward after the challenge I'll be trying those.

4/10/13 12:13 P

If something hurts, avoid it. If your body isn't used to your lower back extending so much, this could be the reason for your back pain. Try shortening your range of motion so that you don't feel any pain when doing them. If this means you can only do the upper part of a sit-up, so be it. I like doing planks but it seems many people can easily do them wrong and cause pain in their lower back. If you are feeling it in your lower back, they are being done incorrectly. When doing planks, one should be feeling it in their glutes and their abs.

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Doing that many sit ups will cause anyone back pain. Sit ups force you to curve your spine and therefore stress things that don't need to be stressed. Also, they only primarily work the front of your abdominals. Instead, try planks: normal, hands on the ball (hard), or feet on the ball (very hard). Planks keep your spine in a neutral position and work your entire core.

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4/10/13 11:17 A

I've been doing more sit ups lately using my stability ball but I'm noticing pain in my back. I don't think I'm doing them wrong but I could be wrong. Is there a certain stretch or anything I should be doing after four sets of 25 to help with this or does this mean I'm doing somehting wrong?

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