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3/7/14 4:07 P

This has been fixed.


Coach Jen

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3/7/14 2:40 P

The description is wrong. The hand reaching towards the floor should be on the same side as your plant foot. So if your right leg is up, your left leg is squatting and your left hand is reaching for the floor.

MEPHYLE Posts: 4
3/7/14 2:05 P

Check out the Single Leg Squats With Toe Touch that was featured as today’s Exercise of the Day.

The description says to lift your right leg off the ground and touch the ground with your right hand. In the video, I see the model lifting her right leg off the ground and touching the ground with her left hand.

Have I got my lefts and rights mixed up or is the description wrong? What is the right way to do this exercise?

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