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2/14/13 2:17 P

Ha.... Strange discovery - I've just hit a plateau about a month back. I was stuck at 65kgs. I also got a little sidetracked and gained about 2 kgs back! Naturally I was a little deflated but kept going strong! January gone and I'm back down to 66kgs. Now in an attempt to give exercise another shot in order to break through that stupid 65kg plateau I've noticed 1 week of burning 2225 exercise calories and keeping my daily deficit to around 500-700 per day I've actually gained weight again! I'm now 69kgs on the scale for some reason. I meticulously counted all calories and exercised on my stationary bike on a good intensity for the right amount of time -not over doing it.

Now after around 3-4 days of not exercising at all I've dropped right back down to 66kgs again as it nothing had happened - but I'm still as bloated as I was last week for some reason - drinking so much water to flush it but no use - I don't know why exercise doesn't suit me - I enjoy it so much! PLEASE HELP!

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12/14/12 1:07 A

Strict use of the Nutrition Tracker loses the weight. Cardio and strength training sculpt the body. If you combine the two, your evolving sculpted body is gradually revealed as you lose the weight. Once all the weight is gone, the entire new You emerges, sculpted and ready to go!

Spark On!

12/13/12 12:06 P

Congrats to you! I do have to agree with the exercise. I am feeling good losing just with food intake. Maybe once I get to my goal, I will feel better about myself and better about exercising. I have had the same experience with KFC - just work around other meals and it seems to work out. I love being able to see on the computer screen the calories, fats, etc each day. It does help alot!

RUBYREDIVY1 Posts: 544
12/11/12 4:55 A

Thank you all for your feedback! Yeah it's kinda been surreal to be honest. I've always found that the minute I stop fretting about it - I lose the weight. But not fretting about your weight when you've got bulges left, right and centre is a very hard thing to do.

I think I need to be really honest here as I've realized something very important a few days ago... My portion sizes have really shrunk. I mean really - without me noticing it too much. Because when you're satisfied with how much you've eaten you can't feel deprived!

But if you're gradually reducing the amount of food, and not realizing it and then when you do attempt to eat the portion size you used to eat before it hits you!

A day or so ago my husband and I made some really tasty lamb with rice. I was busy feeding my son so my husband offered to plate it up for me. I told him to put less for me and he did.

But I couldn't manage to finish it and I was feeling stuffed before I had even finished it. I was shocked because before - especially on special occasions just like that day, I would set aside my tracking/dieting/whatever and just dig in, literally. The amount he gave me was tiny, plus before I would have finished around 3 times as much without feeling anything.

The consistency with which I was eating smaller portions made it impossible for me to overeat even though the meal itself was heavy, full of carbs and greasy.

Also...recently I've felt the chocoholic in me rising again...but somehow I'm still losing weight. Isn't that strange? Then again, a 200g pack of cadburys didn't bother me at all back then, whereas now I eat it so consciously that I get sick after eating a couple of squares. Same with chocolate digestives - you get that sickening feeling like you've had too much - before I was able to eat the whole packet of biscuits without realizing - now I can only manage 3 otherwise I will be sick. Mind you, a whole packet is worth around 3000 calories in itself, whereas 3 biscuits will set you back 250? So yes, it all does add up.

I've practiced this way of eating because of the Paul McKenna Plan - which I've followed since it started in the UK in 2006 - but I've been self-sabotaging it because you get tuned to eating so less that you think you're depriving yourself, especially as you're not supposed to eat ANYTHING unless you're actually physically hungry. So it got a little intense for me and I fell off - but the basic principles of eating the way you should was what stayed with me.

I joined spark because I wanted to know how much I was eating on the PMCK plan....turns out I was eating around 800-1000 calories a day and also exercising like mad. And not losing anything. The minute I had an "off" week I was gaining it rapidly, not putting any off.

I kept exercising but started tracking calories - it was a relief to be able to eat everything whether hungry or not and to know what was what. Like I said, I was exercising so hard with just the bare 1200-1500 calories a day, that it probably still left me in the starvation mode - as I was before.

Then, I ditched the exercise and concentrated only on the calorie tracking - and voila - having joined on the 4th of September - and 4 easy months later I've lost 5kg now.

I'm not totally sedenary - I have all my household chores, school run, shopping etc to keep me active.

I'm a serial yo-yo dieter and since joining spark I've decided I'm going to put an end to it once and for all.

Once I reach 64kg - which is my personal target - although according to my height I should be around 55kg - but I personally thing I look best at 64kg rather than 55kg because I lose too much of my curves and I like myself with curves.

I will probably stick to the recommended daily calorie limit to maintain my weight. I will try to set a benchmark of 6 months - to maintain my weight with a leeway of around 1kg either side. This is so the "I'm slim now I can eat anything I want" mentality is stopped (it creeps up on me and ruins everything - and I realize it when it's too late. *kicks self*)

Wish me luck!

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,758
12/8/12 12:57 P

I still exercise, but I only have success losing weight when I carefully track my food. You are so right! Congratulations!

I once heard someone say Nutrition is 70% of it, the rest is exercise and genes

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12/8/12 12:43 P

GREAT : ) you found what works : ) what works for one will not work for another! emoticon

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12/7/12 11:02 P

Ruby, that's awesome!
I can kind of relate to what you are saying, though I still exercise every day.
I think it's key that when you do go over plan, you just kind of shrug and say, "Oh well!" and you get back to what you were doing. That's been such a blessing to me, anyways. It allows you to live life and to be joyful, not joyless. And you seem to have figured out a balance.

Isn't this wonderful?

Not at all the tortuous plans like the old ways of "dieting."

THIS is what they mean by lifestyle, not diet.


SCGAALMOM Posts: 232
12/7/12 7:20 P

Shoot, if it works it works!! Awesome!! emoticon

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
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12/6/12 3:47 P

It is those baby steps that Spark is talking about. Very well done. Congrats.

JAOTAO SparkPoints: (92,293)
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12/6/12 12:40 P

Amazing, glad that has worked for you!

12/6/12 10:50 A

I'm glad that's working for you. Congratulations on your weight loss and on being so close to your goal weight! We all have to do what works for us - that's what is so great about Spark!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

RUBYREDIVY1 Posts: 544
12/6/12 3:47 A

I know exercise is good for you - but for me it was more of a hindrance. It made me more hungry, less patient - I was always looking for the result of my hard work and it doesn't work like that - you don't see immediate results with exercise. I got fed up and completely threw in my just dance games and exercise bikes. All I concentrated on was doing push ups and sit ups in order to try and strengthen my core and build/strengthen my muscles.

I concentrated wholly on my food - tracking - and most important of all, forgiving myself and de-stressing if I've slipped up. And my kind of slipping is closer to a binge than going 200 calories over my limit. But I persisted in going right back to where I was without letting it affect me - and kept going despite not doing everything perfect every day - eating chocolate almost every day, but eating fruits and veggies and fibre every day too.

I just checked my weight today and I've realized I've lost 5 kgs since starting in September. That's 5 kgs in 4 months. This includes having had total blow-outs on birthdays, special occasions but sticking to smart eating during normal days with yet some slip ups thrown in here and there.

I'm just 1 kg away from my goal. I can't believe it... I have moments when I switch off completely and just have tea and biscuits - but I count them and then add them to the tracker - and work my next meal(s) around this if I've overindulged. Sometimes I've eaten soo many calories in that moment of comfort I have to tell myself I won't be making a deficit that day so I agree with myself to just eat as many calories as it would to maintan for that day. That helps a lot as it takes away the guilt - you know you're breaking even for that day - but not gaining.

Most of the time I'm more than happy to compensate my overindulgence with a tasty salad which enables me to stay within my maintenance level.

But still...the amount of times I've had KFC still doesn't make sense in the number in the scale. I don't honestly know how it's happened. I remember a time I used to eat very little and exercise like mad and not lose any weight - with very high motivation and sticking power but it would just not budge - I was going into starvation mode basically.

Eating around 1,200-1,600 calories a day has worked for me (And 1,800 on days I'm breaking even) There are days - many of them, I've eaten around 2500 to 3500 but somehow they haven't affected my weight loss - maybe even boosted my metabolism, I don't know.


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