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ASANTIAGO2 Posts: 101
10/14/10 5:37 A

Great job. You're incredible! emoticon

DEBYNASH Posts: 11
10/14/10 5:30 A

Me, too..! Took a little longer - an extra four months, due to medications - but it is indeed a joy to look back at the progress, and ahead, and a new lifestyle.
Good on us all!

SHINE_IN_09 Posts: 1,388
10/14/10 5:26 A

Congratulations! Best wishes on your journey -- stay the course and stay strong!

ROX525 SparkPoints: (579,774)
Fitness Minutes: (379,325)
Posts: 65,489
10/14/10 5:25 A

Wow - Great and it was a great day to start! emoticon

10/14/10 5:23 A

That is awesome! What an inspiration

ELLIWILLIAMS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
10/14/10 5:15 A

Wow! Fantastic! I hope I can say the same in 3 months. Congratulations.

JOHNWBROCKSR777 SparkPoints: (271,872)
Fitness Minutes: (172,791)
Posts: 14,484
10/14/10 5:07 A

Stay the course!

10/14/10 5:06 A

Yea!!!! You keep it up! Congratulations

10/14/10 4:56 A

You go girl!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

GHOSTMD Posts: 43
10/14/10 4:52 A

great job , keep it going

HIKINGSD Posts: 9,726
10/14/10 4:52 A

Great accomplishments! Keep up the wonderful progress.

LEONIEWIFFEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,399)
Posts: 7
10/14/10 4:45 A

Such an inspirational testimony. Well done you!

FITITGIRL Posts: 1,112
10/14/10 4:42 A

You are an inspiration!

NAMERLE Posts: 64
10/14/10 4:39 A

Wonderful! your story has really motivated me. can't wait to get to that point too. Keep on keeping on. emoticon

PORCELINA SparkPoints: (43,497)
Fitness Minutes: (102,088)
Posts: 305
10/14/10 4:31 A

Good job, reading postive stories like your spurs the rest of us onwards towards our goals!

Amazing stuff! Well done x

WORKNATIT Posts: 526
10/14/10 4:14 A

WOW!!!That is great news...25 lbs & cheesburgers...Keep it up!!!

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (337,472)
Fitness Minutes: (171,702)
Posts: 16,573
10/14/10 4:11 A

Congratulations! Great job you are doing!

10/14/10 3:42 A

That is great news! Congratulations and keep up the love .
Thanks for sharing.

STEVE1405 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,117)
Posts: 315
10/14/10 3:26 A

Congratulations, and an inspiration to me being right at the beginning of my journey to lose 68lbs and make a return to marathon running. Keep up the good work emoticon

RASSTASS Posts: 2,781
10/14/10 3:13 A

congratulations!! That is awesome! What a great achievement. With that kind of commitment you are sure to reach you goal and stay fit and healthy for many years to come.

EMILYBBB Posts: 206
10/14/10 3:13 A

Wow! Well done! I especially appreciate your losing a taste for sugar. A lifelong gift.

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K_A_BREWER Posts: 2
10/14/10 3:08 A

Congratulations! I am so proud of you for all of that hard work. You are an inspiration for the rest of us who are right behind you a mile or so... How did you go from sporadic exercising to daily exercising? That is my biggest problem...I've reduced calories okay but I just do not want or am motivated to exercise and can find any legitimate reason not to indoors or out.

10/14/10 2:56 A

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep up the good work in these next few months!!!! emoticon

MUTHONI07 SparkPoints: (489)
Fitness Minutes: (940)
Posts: 1
10/14/10 2:45 A

keep up the good work! You inspire some of us!

SUPERSYLPH Posts: 1,302
10/14/10 2:36 A

That is FIRED UP!!!


10/14/10 2:30 A

emoticon That is a great accomplishment is a small amount of time. Keep up the great work!!!

IBLONG2HIM Posts: 30
10/14/10 2:14 A



emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ANKE66 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,783)
Posts: 50
10/14/10 2:05 A

Congratulations! Keep it up! emoticon

GWENAGAIN SparkPoints: (1,653)
Fitness Minutes: (1,141)
Posts: 39
10/14/10 1:56 A

Great job! Keep up the good work!

10/14/10 1:49 A

That's a lot to celebrate in 3 short months! Way to go!

The next 25 will probably make you feel like a completely different person!

OZBOZ48 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (239)
Posts: 169
10/14/10 1:34 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Way to take care of yourself! You rock!


10/14/10 1:32 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon
Your story is inspirational! Keep up the great work!!!

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
10/14/10 1:26 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Hats off to you for a job well done.
The best award is how you now feel.
God bless

10/14/10 1:25 A

Congrats and you're really inspiring :)

SNOWFLAKE29 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (37,573)
Posts: 43
10/14/10 1:23 A

Wow,that is so awsome. emoticon I'm just starting out on my journery and your success is totally inspiring. Keep up the great work and give yourself a huge pat on the back.

JAMER123 SparkPoints: (575,369)
Fitness Minutes: (172,167)
Posts: 36,038
10/14/10 1:21 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Keep up the fantastic work!!

MSLES59130 Posts: 20
10/14/10 1:18 A

Really cool! Congratulations :)

This is really inspiring to me.

IAMSHARKB8 Posts: 65
10/14/10 1:16 A

Great job! Keep it up and thanks for sharing. You are motivating us to stick to the goals! There IS a payoff.

10/14/10 1:02 A

Congrats and you're really inspiring :)

ALIZAHH Posts: 334
10/14/10 12:57 A

I have been having trouble lately...simply have to keep our eyes on the fact that our quality of life is so much better with good health...and that means what we put in our mouths and if we exercise regularly or not.

JOYLOVESHIPPOS2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,390)
Posts: 596
10/14/10 12:55 A

Thank you for your inspiration and congratulations! emoticon

VEGANGRANDMA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
10/14/10 12:31 A

Congrats! Keep up the great job! emoticon

SHAY1KM Posts: 615
10/6/10 12:50 P


11STONE_BRIDE Posts: 137
10/6/10 11:16 A

Woohoo! Thank you for your support! I am pleased to provide an update: since the 17th of September, I have lost another 5 pounds and run a 5K in a personal-record-shattering 32:00!
I am also pleased to report another success since the first post. I am completely 100% OK with my body now. Yeah, I want to lose another 2 pants sizes and 20 lbs., but I know how to do it correctly and safely - and it's all about LOVING the body I have NOW. Because I know what my body can do and how much better it runs when treated well, I am much happier than so many people who are angry with their bodies. I am so much happier and healthier than when I was thinner several years ago.
The number on the scale really doesn't matter if you aren't happy in your heart. Well folks, I am happy in my heart, and I can't wait to be both happy in my heart and healthy on the scale (only 16 lbs away now)!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (70,015)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,448
9/17/10 12:48 P

Woohoo -- congrats on your healthy lifestyle change in progress and thanks for sharing!


AL_ROX Posts: 2,388
9/17/10 12:28 P

emoticon Way to go!!!

CHUCKIECHIEF SparkPoints: (254,740)
Fitness Minutes: (339,740)
Posts: 1,420
9/17/10 10:13 A

Way to go!!! Keep up the hard work.

MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
9/17/10 10:12 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (467,165)
Fitness Minutes: (137,484)
Posts: 35,819
9/17/10 10:10 A

Great job, those are impressive stats

emoticon emoticon

11STONE_BRIDE Posts: 137
9/17/10 10:04 A

Since July 4 (Independence Day...from unhealth!) I have
- lost 15 lbs
- lost 2 whole pants sizes
- gone from 3 mile run time of about 45 minutes, to 34:33
- lost my taste for simple carbs and no longer add sugar to tea, eat pastries, etc. (but a cheeseburger will always be delicious!)
- gone from sporadic exercise to consistent exercise every day
- gone from no fitness classes to three a week
- brought my RHR from around 70 to below 60
- have an honest assessment of my body and fitness level, from whence I've come and what I have to do to get where I want to
I now feel more than prepared for the next 25 pounds, and a lifetime of maintenance!

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