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5/29/13 8:05 P

For some more easy change of pace meals....
hard boil a few eggs when you do dinner and grab a banana.....
put Triscuits and cheese slices together the night before(I keep them in separate bags)..... make a PB&J sandwich the night before (my favorite though is PB, Honey and Banana).....
make your own trail mix with roasted Soy Nuts and Dried Mixed Fruits....

Happy Breakfasting!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/29/13 6:45 P

Add one more voice in support of yogurt!

I eat it most days. It's easy to pack for work (or store at work) and you can put it all together the night before, as well. I mix chopped apple (and/or other fruit) with plain yogurt and raw oatmeal or muesli (basically raw oatmeal with a few raisins and nuts). This benefits from sitting for awhile, including overnight. Sometimes I use crunchy granola, in which case I just pack it in a separate bag or container and blend it together last-minute at my desk. (Yeah, I eat breakfast at my desk somewhat often).

Another quick/easy/packable brekky would be a bagel with pb or cream cheese and a piece of fruit. (or half-a-bagel, depending how many calories you wish to allot).

Many people enjoy "smoothies" - which can be super-fast if you have all your fruit measured out and ready to go in the freezer. Blend and pour into a to-go cup if you must eat (drink) on the run.

Personally, I don't care for cold cereal and milk; most varieties seems to burn off fast and leave me hungry.

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5/29/13 6:30 P

I eat a variation of what KCLARK mentions every morning for breakfast, only I chop up my apple and put it in the yogurt and mix it all up. I put in a bit of granola instead of honey. I eat it when I get to work, because asking me to get up even 5 minutes earlier than I already do is like asking me to chop off my hand.

What about a whole grain english muffin with peanut butter? You can toast it while you're doing something else in the morning, slap on the peanut butter, and eat it in the car on the way to work. Eat some fruit along side it, like a banana or apple or berries, and you're good to go.

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5/29/13 4:38 P

If you are considering leaving milk and cereal at work, I'm assuming you have some time there to eat? Why not throw some Greek yogurt in your bag with a piece of fruit? One of my favorite breakfasts for awhile was plain Greek yogurt mixed with a little honey, some ground cinnamon, and then I dipped apple slices in it. Filling and delicious!

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5/29/13 4:16 P

If you don't even have time for a bowl of cereal, it's time to get up 15 minutes earlier so you do. :)

Seriously, I get busy mornings... I LIVE busy mornings. But you can aways make a little more time to take care of the things you need to!

But if you're really, really that busy, pour a container of cereal to nosh on the way to work. Dry cereal with a container of milk is the same thing, and it takes less than a minute to prepare. Or, you could even prepare the night before. Set your clothes out, and you've saved several minutes you can spend eating to fuel your day.

Breakfast is a priority; time to make it one. :) Without adequate fuel at the beginning of the day, you're shortchanging yourself for the entire rest of the day. Do you not have time to get dressed? Of course not! You make time. Even throw in a whole-grain piece of toast with a bit of peanut butter on top (one of my favorite breakfasts) makes for a filling, quick, tasty breakfast.

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5/29/13 4:09 P

I need breakfast ideas. Right now I eat a granola bar, but I need to stop because of the sugar amounts. I have made homemade granola bars with peanut butter, oats, and honey; however they take planning and I'm not good at that. I have very very limited time in the mornings and can't cook anything. Even stopping for a bowl of cereal would probably take too much time; although I have considered buying some milk and cereal and keeping it at work.

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