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My ah-ha moment wasn't about food but lack of strength. I went fishing with my husband in one of those flat bottom aluminum boats.He pulled up to the dock, about a foot higher than the side of the boat, and I realized that I couldn't stand up! My thighs were not strong enough! (I'm 5'4" and was about 128 lbs. at the time.) I finally pulled myself up with the dock and couldn't step up on the boat seat, about 18 inches. I ended up rolling onto the dock, to hands and knees, and he had to pick me up to stand!!!! Too much. I got started with Coach Nicole and am a strong, healthy person now! Thanks, SparkPeople!

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10/23/12 9:02 P

Excellent! Mighty fine story - graphic and real life, thanks.

My stories are not that graphic, but being hard-headed as I am it takes two ro usually three such ah-has to really get much notice from me.

1) I've a brother, that I accompanied to his physician's office for a history and physical. When my brother was asked about going to a gym or working out, etc. He informed the Dr. that he walks 4-5 miles a day. I could not help but interject that my brother did not walk that far in a week or more! The facts are the facts and that is what I relayed.

2) Another brother way over weight for a long, long time started putting significantly more ( unhealth ) weight on himself. I attempted to encourage him to go walking with me each day. He replied that he walked enough already, and did not have the time to walk more than he does. He gets to the "john" from his bed, to the kitchen, to his vehicle and back again - usually . . . and not much of anywhere else! He is un-employed so his excuse to me of course was that it'd cost him money to go to a gym.

( How he flashed on the notion of needing to go to a gym in order to eat right, stop smoking or get in shape I'm not certain - but he was crystal clear that he'd not drop a dime to change his act! )

I told him if he needed a gym in order to change things around and that he'd use it, then I was willing to pay the first half year right then and there. He told me to keep my money, it'd be a waste of time and money! I said my concern, my money and his commitment and time. He was clear that he was not happy, but would not attempt to change no matter what!

3) Last february I got on a scale and it attempted to hit a mark over 300# ! I jumped off the scale, stripped . . . I mean e v e r y t h i n g ! Shoes, socks, pants, cap, etc. including necklace, rings, eyeglasses . . . all. Got bak on and my weight then was 299 ( and maybe 0.9 also )!

That finally did it for me . . .

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10/23/12 8:31 P

Many people have moments that are catalysts for a change in their lives, regardless of what that change may be.

I wanted to share my "ah-ha!" moment (which is just the final moment in a series of events) that lead me to using the tools sparkpeople provides to help me lose weight.

It was my cat.

No, seriously, my cat. She's an older girl, six months shy of ten years. She's been puddlingly fat since she was about a year old (right after she got fixed). Basically twice the weight she's supposed to be. When we got permission to keep her, we were told that she was to eat a particular food that's designed to help fat cats lose weight - basically kitty diet food. And nothing else. No treats, no extra food, no leftover milk from cereal bowls.

We noticed that this wasn't really working for her. She was still a puddle, even after the two+ years we knew she'd been eating this food. So my fiance got her a different kind of food, as a sort of experiment. Instead of kitty diet food, he got her food that was designed for older cats (Purina One Vibrant Maturity). [And that decision had a lot to do with the fact that we had recently gotten a kitten, who needed to eat kitten food, not diet food.]

The first thing we noticed is that she suddenly became a LOT more energetic and playful. I mean, this cat that used to just lay there and growl at you unless you had food was suddenly hiding around corners to ambush you, and then running away. She started to play with the kitten instead of just screaming at him. She began to accept (and even beg for) attention without her dinner being involved. She began purring half the time - and, funnily enough, she began to lose weight.

Now, I'm going to make something of a disclaimer here: I, am really weird.

I was jealous of my cat. I didn't think it was fair that a mere food change should make that much of a difference in anything, let alone HER. And then I started thinking... Why not? Why shouldn't food make a difference? And then I remembered the site that I'd been told to sign up for a few years ago (you guessed it: this one), and thought of the nutrition tracker. I played around with it a bit, and realized for the past twelve years, I'd basically been on an 800 calorie, high fat, low carb diet with a binge about every two weeks of 3000+ calories (still high fat).

And I decided that I'd had enough. If eating the right food could help change my cat, it could help change me. And so far, I've been right - and experiencing the same kind of changes (with a few pitfalls, like the one noted in my blog yesterday).

So I was wondering, anyone else want to share their moments, silly or otherwise?

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