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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/10/13 11:55 A

I get a tickle when I see the angry dog jump out at me. I always duck! Seriously people our world is polluted with ads everywhere we look, they aren't going away.

DRODRIGUEZ3750 Posts: 30
11/9/13 6:26 P

I understand the ads keep the site free, but ads for Dominoes Pizza with a giant picture of a pan pizza doesn't belong and only serves to sabotage the efforts here. I was NOT searching for Dominoes, pizza or anything like that either so while some ads may be generated via Google, not all of them are. emoticon

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (227,369)
Fitness Minutes: (85,483)
Posts: 7,172
11/9/13 6:16 P

It's how they make their money and allow us to access all the wonderful resources for free.

KATHYGRAM SparkPoints: (3,770)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 18
11/9/13 1:46 P

I understand this is a free site, and I appreciate the immense help I've received from SparkPeople. On the other hand, the ads obscure a great deal of my desktop/screen/whatchamacallit. I do enjoy some of the ads, however. They just take up way too much space. I'm old and I need more room to see the content. emoticon

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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/4/13 2:04 A

The popups and multitude of animated ads coming from all sides really does subtract from my enjoyment of the site, but I understand it is a free site because of the ads. And, yes, I think the ads have gotten more intrusive and cover content.

I've tried an ad blocker but it messes with my computer.

If the ads just sat there and didn't constantly flash things at me and zoom in and out, it'd be fine.

I am totally uninterested in anything in any ads I've seen and a popup that I didn't click on or anything tried to attack my computer with a virus but was caught by the security software.

Lol, all that said, again, it is a free site that gives me a place to blog.

But I'd love an option to remove the ads by paying a premium or some kind of subscription fee.

HSHEAJ5 Posts: 3,421
8/4/13 1:21 A

I use Firefox, with the Ad Block feature turned on. I don't get the popups and I actually didn't even know there were ads!

ANARIE Posts: 13,204
8/3/13 8:04 P

No website has enough personnel to vet all the ads. Since every member gets a different set of ads, there are literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities. They can ban certain companies or types of products from advertising, but they can't control the choices that legal/legitimate advertisers make about how to present their product.

If an ad is for a scam or something obscene, definitely report it. (Follow the directions Dragonchilde posted; they have to have certain information from you or there's no way to locate the ad to have it removed.) But if it's from a legitimate company and it's just ugly or in poor taste, you'll get a lot farther by contacting the company that's advertising and letting them know how you feel. They're paying money to show that ad to people who might buy their products. If the ad makes you LESS likely to buy, they will change the algorithms they use to find viewers.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
8/3/13 5:57 P

If you feel an ad is inappropriate, you can report it to SP here:

If you don't want to see any ads, get an ad-blocking add on to your browser.

SILVER1369 Posts: 21,154
8/3/13 5:15 P

I am very happy that Spark has been showing ads for the Animal Rescue Site. They do alot for the animals and I visit everyday and click to help them out.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,829
4/10/13 2:56 P

Most of the ads I get are relevant to what I've been surfing - except right now, when suddenly I have broadband deals and barclaycard popping up. Normally I get the ads appear after I've researched and bought (or not bought) the item so they're a bit late really. Now, if they could start anticipating what I might be wanting next week and show those ads ... well, that would be creepy!!

PEACHY78 SparkPoints: (37,612)
Fitness Minutes: (19,565)
Posts: 1,829
4/9/13 9:08 P

There are certainly a lot more ads then there were back in 2007 when I was sparking before. But there is also a LOT of new content on SP as well. After a while I tune it all out. But there are a few that pop up and I accidentally click on, and that really really does bug me!

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/9/13 8:26 P

The pop-ups do drive me nuts because they obscure content. I have to be sure the X to close the ad is in an appropriate place to not open a link inadvertantly.

I do a lot of web browsing/shopping and I do appreciate that some of the ads are specifically targeted to my browsing habits.

And, yes, it does keep one of the very best sites FREE!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
4/9/13 5:51 P

Hey I can live with the ads as long as they keep the site the woman squeezing her belly fat......

4/9/13 5:49 P

"what you get as an ad depends on what you're searching and talking about."

I have never once wanted anything to do with GMO infested food...and yet that's the majority of the ads I get. If they are using an algorithm to pick ads for me...their algorithm isn't very good.

4/9/13 5:48 P

"Ads keep the site a free website. Don't knock them"

Why not knock them? They are often for things that are unhealthy. I've seen SP have to pull a few ads because they're offensive as well.

There needs to be more of an effort made by the SP team to make sure that the ads that are here on this site are in line with the image they want for the Spark People organization.

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MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
Fitness Minutes: (83,980)
Posts: 47,641
4/9/13 5:29 P

I Agee the pop ups are a pain but I understand the reasons behind it.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
4/9/13 5:22 P

what you get as an ad depends on what you're searching and talking about. basically sparkpeople uses something based off of googleads. when companies advertise, they pick keywords that they want their ads to show up with. so when you enter in those words, those are the ads you see.
it's much easier to see in gmail, where if i send something that includes the word pineapple, i will then see ads from dole and for tropical vacations. when i send an email about my cat, petsmart, 1800pet meds and kitty spas come up and so forth.
so if you change what you're focusing on, you'll see different ads. the ads i can see right now are for papertowels and a train your brain thing for example. i've also been getting lean cuisine [? or some other boxed something] lately/.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/9/13 3:39 P

I don't mind the ads at all, it's the pop-ups that I could do without.

4/9/13 3:37 P

emoticon emoticon

Yeah, I know, the ads keep this wonderful website free.. those particular ones I'd like positioned somewhere different.. Lol!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,501
4/9/13 1:13 P

Ads keep the site a free website. Don't knock them

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/9/13 1:12 P

yeah, but if it keeps the site free-- I will live with the ads creepy or not

4/9/13 12:58 P

I just had to say I get creeped out with these side ads regarding Alzheimers... the staring faces the man and the the woman.... wish we could opt out of those ads...

does it seem like there are more ads on SP than ever before?


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