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IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/11/13 12:36 P

I have read that if things you used to be able to do have become harder, it is possibly a result of over-training. Your body may just not be ready to do that much yet. I'm not an expert but this is just a possibility. One of my biggest problems in the past with keeping an exercise program going was impatience - I would start in on something my body wasn't ready for because I wanted to look a certain way sooner than later, I would be too sore or it would actually seem to get HARDER as you're describing. Then I would quit. Not saying this is what's happening to you, just one of the possibilities.

MAMACHAE74 Posts: 1,135
3/9/13 10:37 P

You will get it. As far as running, I am training for a marathon and it took a while to get to a comfortable stride. Don't worry about counting your steps just do what is comfortable for you. Practice breathing while u r running and relax into your run. You seem to have the same issues I have with the sleeping and all. What has worked for me was making a firm decision to make a lifestyle change and not diet. I never liked ' diet' because it seems short term in the way the word is used. Making a lifestyle change and listing the top five reasons why I decided to change my lifestyle really helped me. So, I have a day out of the week where I don't plan my meals (usually Saturday) but I practice portion control when I eat. Now, eating serving sizes is second nature. My sweet craving has decreased drastically and I very rarely drink soda or coffee. I think when the reasons are right for you the changes will be doable. Let me know if you need words of encouragement or just a sounding board, I'll be glad to be on the receiving end if needed:) I think you will do what is necessary and you will be fine:). And by the way sometimes it feels like it gets harder, but that's right before the breakthrough, just be patient and continue doing the right things and you will be fine.

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JJ090688 Posts: 318
3/9/13 2:07 P

Thanks everyone,
I guess i have been concentrating on the wrong things, and as soon as I get rid of this little head cold that has appeared I will try concentrating on the correct things, such as breathing and the forecast looks promising so maybe I can get outside this week and find what works best for me. till then I've loaded up my desk drawer with some healthy morning snacks and I try to throw a yogurt or breakfast shake into my bag as i run out the door. I"ve also let those around me know that starting monday I will be recording everything I eat so I can see how much change I need to make. As for a goal, I was hoping to run a 5K in April but that is most likely not going to happen now so I'm trying to find a new one.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
3/8/13 11:21 A

Are you training for an actual marathon - 26.2 miles? If so I'd say change goals. I ran a marathon last year, after 2 1/2 years of running, and it was HARD. And that's on running 6 days a week.

Start small. And I will also repeat what others say - go slow. As for the run it's one in many; you will have good days, you will have bad days. I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from a single workout.

ANGIE_MAC7 Posts: 131
3/8/13 9:58 A

I'm no great runner, in fact the first running I did in over 20 years was (aside from trying to catch a bus!) training for a 5K last year. When I first start off running I tend to go too fast, a pace that feels good for about half a minute, but that I can't sustain, so I have to remind myself to start off really slow, sometimes I feel like I'd be quicker walking, but to keep going for longer I have to go that slow. I, also, sometimes forget to breathe when I run (which it sounds like your doing), so I try to count steps with my breath. At first I count 4 in and 4 out, then when I'm a winded I'm down (or up) to 2 in and 2 out, this helps me to focus on my breathing, and it really helped me get to where I could run the full 5K without walking at all. I hope that's helpful.
And about breakfast! It's supposed to be the most important meal of the day! It sounds like you're very busy, but maybe you can keep a box of granola bars (or something a bit healthier) in your desk at work to nibble on when you get there, if you are generally too rushed before you leave home.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
3/8/13 9:19 A

I agree with Coach Jen about stride length.

I tried to lengthen my stride on a run last week, to see if I could cover my usual trail run in a shorter time. I suppose I was thinking the longer the stride, the more ground I would cover in the shorter time.

I was wrong - mainly because without being aware of it, my stride soon reverted back to it's natural shorter length, and I found it to be far more comfortable - I was then able to run without having to really focus on my stride and instead concentrate on relaxing my shoulders (something I find really hard while running!) and enjoying my surroundings!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,891
3/8/13 6:44 A


I would recommend running with whatever stride is comfortable for you. Don't worry about counting stride lengths, especially at this point. Focus on breathing instead, and hopefully that will help. I run with a very short stride- it's just my natural way of running and changing it is too difficult for me at this point. But I think that's okay- the breathing and pace are much more important.

Properly fueling yourself is also going to help you feel better during your runs, so I would focus some effort on making healthy choices and making sure you're eating enough throughout the day.

Coach Jen

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JJ090688 Posts: 318
3/8/13 12:52 A

Wow, thanks for the help everyone, not sure where to start so i guess i'll go with the most popular suggestions first

1) go outside - that would be wonderful but with snow to above my knees and more falling everydays, temperatures lower than -20C most days (thats without the windchill factor) and the odd day that gets warm enough to melt it enough to create ice) it is just trecherous and miserable out there, hopefully spring will appear soon though! also ya I used to train outside all the time, in fact i was always running cross country, dirt trails through hills and woods are my favorite, or just setting off across an open field. I find on paved paths or roads i go wow i have come so far but i still have to go all the way back and go from so happy to so discouraged in a split second.

2) slow down - i already feel like i'm going almost toooo slow (the walk is my normal everyday walk), and the run its like i'm taking short strides, kinda like i'm running in a shuffle if that makes sense? and is it possible that that could be throwing off my breathing, causing me to hold my breathe as i concentrate on my strides if my stride lengths are off? (this occurred to me when i went to my horses today and while concentrating on my body posture i stopped breathing momentarily and it was similar to what i have experianced when i ran but i never put it together before.) also is finding a stride/speed a common issue with a treadmill beginner?

3) eating/drinking etc. - I am really working on trying to get more water into myself but its hard because I've never been a person that could drink anything with my meals, or anytime i'm concentrating on something other than sitting in a restaurant waiting for my meal, or in my car driving, so i'm working on training myself to think "time for water." My diet....where to start, maybe this is the whole problem, i just can't seem to commit to it. I know i have to eat properly and I keep saying this week before I go shopping I'll plan my meals and take a list.....and i'm still living on no breakfast because I sleep in and run late for work, maybe a simple sandwich for lunch after my workouts because maybe i remembered at the last second in the morning to make one, but at least i have a solid healthy supper every night. The other issues are - I'm a night owl so If i get more than 5 hours of sleep before work its kind of a miracle, A doctor tested me and i have high cortisol levels or basically a "stress disorder:.....

wow.... Apparently there are much bigger issues here than just my running problems, Now that they have all been revealed I guess step one is to reorganize and start with the first step....

SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
3/7/13 1:17 P

I agree with the comment that you may want to try running 3 times a week (C25k and the Spark Your Way to a 5k program both are based on 3 runs a week).

3/7/13 11:18 A


SOCCERTAZ SparkPoints: (32,361)
Fitness Minutes: (22,515)
Posts: 181
3/7/13 11:11 A

There is definately a difference in running on a treadmill and running outside. I prefer running outside. It feels like I can run forever. But on the treadmill, I watch the time and the distance. If I forget about it, then I walk and run whenever I need to.

I recommend to run outside. I also recommend start of running slowly. Try to keep the same pace. Slow and steady helps out a lot. Also try running three times a week.

3/7/13 11:01 A

I have a love hate relationship with running. I run 3 miles outside. When I am at the gym I can barely get a mile in on the treadmill. I hate it. I do not like the way it feels, all the distractions and the ability to see my minutes and distance. It all works against me.
My suggestion is to get outside. Go slower. Try and push through the urge to walk by telling yourself to run another block. You will be surprised how well that works. Also in order to build up running stamina you have to run at least 3 times a week, more is better.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
3/7/13 8:54 A

I agree with the slowing down. And progress isn't always a straight line forward-- some days we may be more tired (due to sleeping badly or an illness etc) or stressed or TOM, and it affects how we do.

I would ask though how your eating is going. It is really important to fuel our bodies properly, especially when we're exercising. If we don't eat enough, or we choose foods that don't give us the carbs, fat, protein etc that our bodies need-- well, we're not going to be able to perform well.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,891
3/7/13 8:38 A


I agree with Zorbs that you probably need to slow down, both when running and walking. You should be able to answer a question but not comfortably carry on a conversation. If you're gasping for air, you're going too fast.

Coach Jen

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
3/7/13 7:20 A

Are you drinking enough water before, during and after your treadmill workouts? I know enough about dehydration that it can really mess you up.

Also, when you were training before, was it outside? Maybe its a mental thing because being outside is so open and free and you get to feel the wind on your body...Spring is right around the bend. In the meantime, drink tons of water and see if that helps.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,401)
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3/7/13 5:04 A

Slow down and run outside so that you're not hung up on the numbers on the treadmill. Run by feel, it should feel easy and conversational at all times. Also slow down the walk breaks.

JJ090688 Posts: 318
3/7/13 2:59 A

I love running! I love the freedom, It makes me so happy, to just go like the wind and be childlike again....ok it used to, until the day i decided I was going to run in a marathon and was going to become a serious runner and start training. everytime I decide to train for something the first outing goes great and its down hill from there and this time is no different.

day 1: 20 minutes of 2 minutes of running (5.0) and 1 minute walking ( 3.0). it went great! I was super charged and happy I got that rush and felt so proud of myself! I had faced my monster and gotten back on the treadmill (there is 3 feet of snow outside right now) and done it. Sure I was tired but I hadn't had to cheat and walk when i was supposed to run, hadn't had any anxiety attacks, nothing!

fast forward to today - 3 weeks later - still doing the same routine I do cardio 3 days a week but only run once a week, still doing the same routine. starting the second round of running, already panting hard can't catch my breath, hearts going a mile a minute, have to start walking 30 seconds early and walk an extra minute. by 8 minutes into the workout i'm completely soaked I can't control my breathing my heart rate is sky rocketing and i'm barely even able to pick up the jog. 15 minutes in i get off the treadmill and go down to the changing rooms and intend to call it quits. angry at myself i force myself to go back do another 10 minutes of walk/speed walk and another 2 rounds of jogging before i finish for the day.

i'm scared to even try it again. doctors say i'm healthy, my friend is excelling with the same training plan, why is it that i always go backwards as soon as I commit to a goal? am I destined to run like the wind only in my dreams?

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