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10/7/10 4:06 P

The stomach is a muscle group just like the others and needs a day of rest in between to repair itself. Don't just do sit ups find other exercises that target all of the muscles in that area. (Look into Pilates)
The trick to a flatter stomach is cardio and limiting your intake of sugar and fat. Think of walking or any cardio excersize as one that truly benefits your waistline.
And Remember that 80% of weight loss is your diet!

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10/7/10 11:59 A

Pullups and pushups do a better job on the core muscles.

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10/7/10 11:56 A

I wish it worked this way. While I've lost 35 pounds since I first started, by chest and stomach look as pudgy as ever. My arms and legs look great though.


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10/7/10 11:34 A

One thing to consider is that if you're female, you may never have a perfectly flat stomach. Genetically speaking, most women tend to have curved stomachs. Men can have flat stomachs if their body fat is low enough, but not women.

If women want to maintain a curvy figure, they need to make sure their body fat doesn't go to low. If it goes to low, so go the curves.

Can you get a flat stomach ? depends on your genetics and what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. Doing sit ups every day (as others noted) will not flatten out your stomach.

If you want to see your ABs, you're going to have to lower your overall body fat and engage in a good full body strength training program.

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10/7/10 9:31 A

I agree with most of the other posters on this thread.

Burning fat is an all-body process (energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. Unfortunately this means you can't target where you lose fat from. Specific exercises such as sit-ups will build up the muscles, but won't do anything about the overlying layer of fat.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and sooner or later some of it will come off the stomach.

And besides not being effective in reducing fat, doing 100 sit-ups is not a particularly effective way of strengthening your ab muscles either. Strength training is all about quality, not quantity, and to be effective, you need to be genuinely challenging your muscles. I agree with Unident - slow your sit-ups down, and try to hold the up position, so that it is your muscles doing all the work, rather than 'bounce' and momentum. You should be aiming to fatigue your muscles in 15 reps or less - if you can do 100, it simply isn't challenging enough to be effective.

And the abs are like any other muscle - you need to rest them for 48 hours between strength training sessions for them to recover and get stronger.


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10/7/10 8:37 A


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10/7/10 4:51 A

yes we should do. emoticon

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10/7/10 4:35 A

I do sit ups on my stability ball 2=3 times per week.. emoticon

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10/7/10 12:59 A

You're doing the most ineffective thing you can - it's not actually going to change your stomach at all.

If you can do 100 of anything, it's not challenging enough to make changes.

Like someone else said, diet is key. Doing crunches (NEVER do situps, only crunches) won't make your stomach smaller.

But if you do want to build a strong core through crunch work, find a variation of a crunch that you can only complete 10-15 times in a row. Anything more than about 20 and you're building endurance, not muscle, and won't make a bit of change to how the muscle looks.

Try doing them slowly. Take four seconds to go up, pausing half way. Then hold for four seconds. Then take four seconds to go down, pausing at half way. You should not get 100 of those out!

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10/7/10 12:51 A

Any type of strength training (muscle group by muscle group) should be done with a 'blank' day between. That means, whatever you do for abs, crunches, leg lifts, etc., should be done no more often than every other day. On the alternate days, you could do upper or lower body--and DON'T forget that on the days you do abs, you need to do BACK, too, or you'll get unbalanced.

You do know, don't you, that exercise won't 'flatten' your stomach; it will give you muscles under whatever fat is there. The fat comes off with diet control.

As an example, I try to do upper, lower, core on three consecutive days, in that order, each area 2x/week, with one day of no strength (ok, honestly, that's my goal; I'm about 3/4 of the way there...)

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10/6/10 11:10 P

every other build/heal

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10/6/10 11:04 P

Should we do sit ups everyday? I'm really trying to flatten my stomach. I started doing 100 a day, but should I be doing that? Should I alternate sit ups with other ab work during the week?

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