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1/30/13 10:20 P

it's depends on how sore you are? how you defining sore because you can cause damage to your muscles; no lifting if extreme soreness occurs. As you work out the soreness will go away because your body will not become use to the exercises that you are engaged in. Please be careful about soreness; this can cause more harm than you think. Everyone is different and we all perform different. Exercise at your pace.

For example, I can do 95 minutes on elliptical and then a treadmill and then a stationary bike combatted with my weight circuit training and abs training and two gym classes. you may not be able to sustain this and become sore. I would not advise you to push to meet my goals so just an example.

LARKUN7701 Posts: 25
1/30/13 7:52 P

Yes definitely work out while sore. It will help you recover and really if you are lifting and not at least a little sore then you can take that as a indicator that you probably need to up the weight and/or reps.

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1/30/13 2:30 P

Yes unless you are bleeding, not breathing or not trying! Everytime you add resistence or higher weight you will get a little achy! I am sore every day until I get to moving and it goes away! That what a warm up will help to counter!

Keep it up!

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1/30/13 2:26 P


Take it from an old pro, Yes, You SHOULD work out today.

There is a difference between sore and hurt. Sore is a good thing, hurt is a bad thing. If you are really sore, you should warm up longer to get your muscles ready for strength training. I do 20 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of Abs before I lift.

Then after you lift you should stretch then do a cool down to allow the lactic acid in your muscles to dissipate into your blood stream. This will keep you from getting so sore and will help you see results faster.

Good luck.

JLTRACY Posts: 462
1/30/13 2:21 P

I would do what feels right. If you are still extremely sore I would say don't do it but you can always try lighter weight and see if the soreness works its self out.

1/30/13 2:15 P

On monday I went HARD in the gym. It was my arms day. On Tuesday I woke up with so much soreness. At the gym I focused on abs to give my arms a break, but MWF are my arm days and I'm still sore today. My question is, should I still do arms and push through the soreness or should I do something else today?

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