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I agree with Dragonchilde - timing of snacking is irrelevant - it is the total calories consumed throughout the day that matters. Late night snacking is no better and no worse than snacking at any other time of day.

A post-workout snack (ideally a combination of carbs and protein) can actually be a good idea, as it can help refuel the body and provide the protein necessary for muscle repair. Just pre-plan it and work it into your overall calorie budget for the day.


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I was actually going to suggest the opposite of what you thought--what about a smaller dinner and a post-workout snack? Like Dragonchilde said, there's nothing at all wrong with eating late, as long as you stay within your calorie range. (So for that matter, if your current dinner serving and post-workout snack is within your range, you don't need to change anything.)

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Late night snacking isn't necessarily bad for you unless it puts you over your calorie range for the day. Contrary to popular belief, it's a myth that eating after a certain time makes you turn it to fat.

When you work out is a matter of comfort and your schedule, not a "should" or "should not" - if working out later helps you avoid the snackies, that's fine. IF you would rather eat more at dinner, that's okay to. You have a range for a reason, use it! I plan for a post-dinner snack most nights. Works for me. :)

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For the past 3ish weeks I've been working out after I eat supper and i've found myself hungry and sadly in some cases I've done the "late night snacking" which I know is terrible for you! Should I change my workout routine time? or should I just eat more at dinner and/or burn less calories? please help!

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