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2/5/12 2:00 A

Thanks, keep em coming. I don't usually gain weight on ski vacation, which is good. I think the major calorie bombs are the apr├Ęs ski beers. I only had a couple corona lights tonight so still reasonable.

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2/4/12 1:06 P

Vacation = No Diet

Provided you are solid nutritionally during normal day-to-day living.

This will help your body "reset", if you will, and may ease some cravings.



SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
2/4/12 12:54 P

When you have gone skiing in the past, have you typically ended up gaining weight over the course of the week? If you have, think about what you have eaten then and scale back a bit.

You're right that you'll need to eat more if you're skiing all the time. The steak or seafood dinner could be fine, but it depends on how it's cooked, ie. fried versus baked, and what is on the side, mashed potatoes & the endless bread basket versus salad and a slice of garlic toast.

Pack a small snack or two, like a protein bar of bag of nuts to eat while you're skiing to keep up your energy and make it so you're not starving by dinner time. My goal is always to not have gained weight on vacation; I splurge a little since it's vacation, but I'm trying to not go back 10 lbs heavier.

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2/4/12 10:45 A

You should always watch what you eat. Yeah, you'll need to eat more when you're skiing so that you don't pass out! But extra exercise aside, you should always be aware of whether or not you're meeting your nutritional needs (skiiers must need calcium so that their bones can get strong enough to survive a fall, right?). Change your weekly calorie burn in Spark for that week to show you're burning 2000 calories each day (or on each day you ski), then change it back when you're home.

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2/3/12 12:56 A

Thanks for tips.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,700
2/2/12 5:23 P

"I still want to stay on track but I don't want to starve myself or blow my diet off completely."

Ditch the "diet" mentality!

You should be aiming for a healthy lifestyle, which is for the rest of your life. Yes, even on vacation.
Which doesn't mean you cannot indulge a bit... because you can. But you should not throw out everything you have learned along your journey....

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/2/12 5:03 P

set up your tracker right before leaving with your expected calorie burn for a week of skiing and resave everything so it will give you a new range.

Personally, if I knew i'd be burning off that many calories I'd just make healthy choices, indulge a little, and not track knowing that i'd still be losing weight as long as I didn't completely pig out.

AMYNYNJ SparkPoints: (66,152)
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2/2/12 4:56 P

I'm going on a 1 week ski vacation (8 days). In the past I would join my friends after a long day of skiing for drinks at a local bar, hot wings or other pub food followed up by a large indulgent dinner like steak or seafood or mac & cheese. I'm trying to make healthier choices this time around. But last time BF and I went on ski vacation alone it was really hard to avoid eating large meals, because I was always so hungry after a long day of skiing. I was careful for breakfast and lunch but then by dinner time I was so hungry I couldn't resist making poor choices.
My normal diet calorie range is 1200-1550 per day, but should I consume more on ski vacation since I'm burning almost 2000/day?
What is a good calorie range for a ski vacation? I still want to stay on track but I don't want to starve myself or blow my diet off completely.

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