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8/6/14 8:40 A

You should always have rest days, 1 or 2 a week. Sometimes taking a week off is a good thing. You will come back a little slow but right after that you may see a huge jump in how much more you lift, run, speed, etc.

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8/5/14 2:09 P


If your mom was wearing the shoes before you, then yes, it's time to get a new pair of shoes because the support could have changed or worn out. Even if you were to wear the same size shoe as your mom, that doesn't make your feet the same. She could have wider feet than you. That would explain some of the friction. Those shoes may have fit for you when you bought them, but not now that your mom has worn them. Also, our feet do change as we age and two years is a long time.

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. If necessary, buy your mom a pair so that she doesn't take yours.

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8/5/14 1:29 P

I was naughty and wore flip flops because I had blisters on the back of my feet. Now they're everywhere!

But my walking shoes have also been giving me blisters. I have had them for about two years, but haven't gotten much use out of them. My mum wore them about four times because her shoes were missing. I'm wondering if she's changed their shape and I need to wear them in again?

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8/5/14 1:28 P

Take a break for a few days and get some new shoes.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
8/5/14 12:48 P

"My shoes have been giving me lots of blisters."

I'd be taking it easy until the blisters heal... AND I'd be getting new shoes!

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8/5/14 12:33 P


How old are the shoes ? Are they brand new ? Brand new shoes can cause blisters if the shoes don't fit right. As Zorbie noted, one of the most common causes of blisters is friction. that means the shoes are either too tight and pinching the skin or too lose and rubbing against it.

Are you wearing socks when you walk ? There are lots of people who don't wear socks in the summer with their shoes. That could cause blisters because the socks help protect the feet.

Also, did you recently start walking ? It could also be that you're walking too far to start out. You might try slowing down your speed if you're walking very briskly. Slowly ease into a routine so that your body has time to adapt and adjust.

Walking IS terrific cardiovascular exercise, but you have to find shoes that don't cause blisters. If you weren't fitted for a good pair of walking shoes, I'm going to encourage you to be fitted by a running/walking store or a reputable sports store. Don't skimp on your feet. Pay a little extra so that you don't get blisters or corns.

For now, while your feet heel, you can try some chair aerobics. If you find it difficult to stand or walk, then do some chair routines. Coach Nicole has a couple posted in the fitness section.

You might also try one of Leslie Sason's Walk Away the Pounds workouts at home. that might be less stress on your feet too.

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8/5/14 12:15 P

Dry the blisters out (pop and soak in epsom salt bath, peel off skin in a few days) and more importantly, figure out what was the cause of the blisters. The 2 causes of blisters are moisture and/or friction. If you eliminate the causes, you won't get blisters.

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8/5/14 11:58 A

My shoes have been giving me lots of blisters. I went for a 2-3 hour walk a few days ago, and now I have blisters on the soles of my feet. They really hurt.

I don't have a gym membership, and the pools are really expensive. Should I stop walking for a while and go back once my feet have recovered? Should I just walk 10-20 minutes for a while, then build up?

I felt a lot of energy when I was walking. Every part of me felt good except for my feet. My feet were ready to call it quits. I was surprised because I haven't had regular exercise for several years... well I did do a 11 kilometer walk last year, and I do stuff like that occasionally, just to prove that I can (without training).

What do you think?

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