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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
6/26/13 1:17 P

sounds like you already know the answer, the workout is not challenging and you can workout for free at home, I'd quit Curves.

LJCANNON Posts: 33,775
6/26/13 12:37 P

emoticon If the Gym at your Apartment is Free I would do both, on Alternate Days.
I worked out at Curves for a little over 3 years, lost all my weight there, and was Maintaining without too much difficulty. Then the only Curves near my house closed so I was forced to go to a "Regular" Gym (Anytime Fitness). I seem to be having more difficulty keeping the weight off, and I do not enjoy the Gym as much as I did Curves.
emoticon However I know that Curves isn't the "Right" fit for everyone, so you have to do what is Best for you. I really enjoyed the time while I was actually an Employee at Curves (Free Membership) and I also worked out at Anytime Fitness on 2 or 3 days a week.
emoticon Figure out what works best for You and then Go For It!!!

FOONDI SparkPoints: (390)
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6/26/13 11:29 A

I worked out at Curves for 3 years and got in great shape. I loved the minimal workout. You get back only what you put in. I support it. I have also worked out in various gyms. I swam for 1 year every day. It was a refreshing workout. Then I changed to it's sister gym because the cost was more affordable. But now it's difficult for me to take the classes the gym offers. There are mostly young mothers which is fine, but the classes are difficult. I only do what I can, but end up exhausted, or my back hurts. I'm 57 now. Classes aren't that easy. Yoga works no matter how old you are. So I just take a class or two a week. And Curves gives a decent workout and now sometimes offers a Zumba type inclusion. My current gym...well I like it, but I can walk outside instead of using the ellipticals, and I'm discouraged with all the weight equipment. Unless you have a personal trainer, I think it's more difficult to stay motivated at a gym. Plus Curves is a great social network if you want to meet woman. I found a book group, and a coffee group. But all of us were nonetheless encouraged by each other to work out hard at Curves. Im transferring back to Curves, and the best part is that my insurance will be paying for half of it. Check your insurance folks, you'd be surprised at what they offer in the health and fitness department.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/28/13 10:31 P

I believe that you should ditch curves and do what you are doing. I am sure that you will get a better workout. I went 3 times with my sister to support her...........and I got no workout no matter how hard I tried. I believe that curves can't challenge you enough...........and being bored will not help you want to continue.

GIGGLEZ1408 Posts: 367
5/28/13 3:45 P

I think people pick their specific place of workout based on where they are with their weight loss and body image. I like big gyms because they offer more classes and equipment so I can challenge myself. Although I don't always feel comfortable with much smaller people walking around, but I use that as an inspiration. I would look at your workout. If your still doing the same things everyday, then its probably your workout not your gym.


TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
5/28/13 3:44 P

It sounds like you aren't pleased with the workout you are getting at Curves. If that is the case, you should absolutely do something else!

Your calorie consumption will have as much or more to do with your success at losing weigh than exercising, so make sure that is where it needs to be and use an exercise routine that works for you.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/28/13 3:39 P

If you're not being challenged, I see no reason to continue at Curves unless you enjoy it, especially with access to a fitness room! I've known other women that have gone to Curves, and they've described it as a fun, social workout, good to get them from completely sedentary to exercising for the first time.

Also keep in mind, losing weight is 80% diet. If you're just now in a place where you can cook good meals, you may start to see that weight come off again. Have you tried tracking your food intake? It can give you a better picture of where you need to eat to lose weight, adding exercise to a diet of too many calories is still a diet of too many calories.

AMDOLL17 SparkPoints: (170)
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5/28/13 2:56 P

Hi there,

I've been working on losing/maintaining my weight for a few years. Back around 2010-ish I had a huge (for me) breakthrough with weight loss and lost over 20lbs through my local Curves (woman-only, circut-training gym). Even though I was successful with their program, I got bored with it and decided to go to the YMCA instead and get more variety with treadmills and free-weights and whatnot. I was there for a year or so before I moved to a different community-run gym that was closer to where I was moving and did essentially the same workout routine. Over the summer of 2012 that I was at the rec center I was maintaining pretty steadily, not losing weight but still doing alright. Around September/October 2012 I suddenly gained about 10lbs due to stress, depression, problems with my home conditions and not eating well.

In a last ditch effort to lose weight I decided to scrap the community gym approach and go back to Curves - I thought that since I'd lost weight there before, I'd be able to do it again. Seven months later and I have not even lost one pound.

Since May of this year my living conditions have improved significantly, I'm able to cook healthy meals again and I'm living happily with my boyfriend. My apartment building even has a fairly good fitness room of which I can take advantage. Anytime I go to the fitness room, even just to jog on the treadmill and use some free weights for half an hour, I work up WAY more of a sweat than I ever do at Curves, and I work those machines as hard as I can. I kind of don't want to keep messing around at Curves if I can get a better workout in the same amount of time doing something differently...but I also don't feel good about hopping from one method to another everytime I get bored or scared.

Sorry to make this post so long - I'll sum it up here:
1. Has anyone had a similar experience with Curves (ex. not getting a good enough workout, boredom or complacency, or some other issue)
2. Should I stay at Curves even though I haven't been seeing any results, just to be on the safe side? Or should I use my time better by using the fitness room and work out at home?

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