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4/5/14 3:27 P

THIS: "The most important thing with exercise, is that you don't quit. You will still need to " go hard " on day 31."

Find something that you enjoy, then you'll actually *want* to do it. And maybe, you'll want to do it better eventually, and that will motivate you to work harder. The single reason I started running on a regular basis was because I wanted to look better on a treadmill. Shallow? Hells to the yeah. Did it work? I guess so, I've committed to running a half marathon next spring.

The single most important aspect of exercise is that you do it, no matter what "it" is.

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4/5/14 2:42 P

I've been doing a streak for a goal of 100 fitness days. I am around day 40.
I would just go on how you feel. Some days if I am not feeling good I just do something easy (that I consider easy) like Pilates or Walk Away the pounds. This past week I've been sick and so I was doing that.
Also I have been doing different times...maybe I only had 20 minutes so I do a shorter workout dvd.
I used to have a schedule of what I wanted to do each day for a week, month ect. but then I hated that. It was too...strict. Like maybe I planned to do X workout and I realize I hate X workout so I don't look forward to that workout. Then again, sometimes I feel the way I don't plan what exercise to do until I do it, it seems kind of like too many choices or something.

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4/4/14 10:25 P

First of all, you need to define " go hard ". When I started exercising ( 5 years ago ), I would walk 1/4 mile round trip to the mailbox, and be breathless, and sweaty. That was all I could do. In high school, I used to run 2 miles before school, and barely break a sweat.

So how much you should do, depends on how you feel. If you start to have nagging pains in joints, or muscle soreness, or a general run down feeling, then cut back. Similarly, as you get healthier, you may decide to sprint an extra mile one day because you feel so good.

Whatever you settle on though, I would not do it for 30 days. Do it for the rest of your life. "Going hard ", may change in definition, but if you push your body hard, and then rest it, you should be able to maintain that forever, and will eventually be unable to wait till the next time you can exercise. Start with a plan, but leave the time frame aspect out of it. Diet, and exercise are part of your life, so you may choose to change exercises, or make slight changes in intensity based on how you feel on a given day, but the goal should always be to push yourself hard for your fitness/health level, and that shouldn't be limited to 30 days, or limited at all. It should just be a part of life.

The very idea that you are thinking of it as temporary, makes me think that you already think this will be a chore to do for 30 days, and if it is, find something else to do. Find some exercise that you love to do, and will push yourself further, and further. Weight lifting, basketball, biking.. it doesn't matter. You may need an alternative for bad weather, like running in nice weather, and the treadmill in bad weather, or biking in the summer, and skiing in the winter, but the type of exercise does not matter.

The most important thing with exercise, is that you don't quit. You will still need to " go hard " on day 31.

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4/4/14 7:19 A

I think it's a good idea to have a plan... but also to be flexible to changing the plan. Especially when we're newer to exercise, and not sure how much is "too much". Say your plan's good, using the WATP videos-- til you start the belly dancing and then it seems like too much. Or it's good til you can start adding in walking in the evenings with friends, and then it seems like too much. So... if that's the case, and you want to keep the belly dancing and/ or the walking with friends-- cut back on the WATP videos on the days you're doing other cardio. And then if the weather's bad or your friends can't make it, do a video when you can't walk with friends.

Burning out and quitting (to my way of thinking) would be a worse choice than cutting back a bit, and easing ourselves into it a bit more gradually. But the bottom line is that only you can decide how much is too much.

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4/3/14 9:00 P

Generally a rest day at least once a week is encouraged. With that being said, I don't see a physical problem with the level of exercise that you are talking about since some of the days are quite light. As far as whether it is a good plan for you, only you can really answer that. The one thing that I would say to be aware of is the all-or-nothing mindset. Things like I have 'x' activities planned for the next 'x' number of days and MUST COMPLETE EVERYTHING! With that mindset it becomes too easy to say "Oh well, I missed yesterday so I might as well not worry about today either."

Evaluate whether this plan will work for you personally. Are the potential scheduling conflicts? What happens if you get sick or your friends don't make it out for the walk one night or if it is raining, etc? Are you going to be flexible enough in your own mind to bend with these events and yet stay on track? This shouldn't necessarily be about what you can do for the next 30 days, but instead about what you can KEEP DOING FOREVER.

4/3/14 8:51 P

Please forgive me if this is a bit convoluted and long; I'm trying to work it out in my head and it's not coming together.

So how do you know if you've added too much into your workout routine too soon? What I mean is, in the space of the last month or so I've gone from being non active to really active. I had a baby via c-section on January 29th, been cleared for exercise, and my dr trusts me to know when my body is telling me to tone it back a little bit.

At the start of March I walked one mile a day two or three times a week with Walk Away the Pounds. My workout schedule for April is walking at least two miles a day five days a week and on Thursdays and Saturdays I do a half hour strength workout as well.

I'm also doing a 30 day plank / pushup/ crunch challenge.

On April 15th I start my very first belly dancing class.

As soon as the trail is good, I will be walking two or three evenings a week with two other ladies in town.

In the past, around 6 weeks I've either burned out, or I gotten bored, or I gotten tired, or something, and quit. I'm trying to combat the possible boredom by keeping myself busy and active, and changing things up every month. I'm not sure if I've added TOO much though, and I have no idea how to tell if I have. Part of me is going "it's too much", and the other part is "you can go hard for 30 days".

I know that I CAN go hard for 30 days, but the question is SHOULD I? I mean, every single day for the next 28 days has something active being done. Some days it's just my plank / pushup / crunch challenge, but it's still active. Oh and I've already toned it back a bit, originally my strength days were going to be Jillian Michaels. Yeah. Not happening yet.

Or should I try it and see if I thrive?

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