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5/1/11 9:46 P

Running for many people may not even be the best form of cardio. If we have a huge amount of weight on our thighs this actually pushes our hips out of alignment and can wear our hip shell and joints uneven. I have inherited spinal issues and so does my son, I can't run because of the damage high impact does to my discs in my upper back..

I suffer stress fractors, so I keep my cardio low impact.. I have been a runner but my chiropactor also retired me, I lost my weight anyway being active walking long distance..
Running is a ego trip but not necessary the only indictor a person is fit.. I walk up to 10km daily 6 days a week many runners would be stuffed doing this day in and out! My race walking is extra and over this daily cardio!
All my aches and pains are a dull roar to what they would be if I did ran.. I also got off 1200 mgs of painkiller daily adding strength training..

We should be getting 10,000 steps in not being pressured in to be runners.. This is what is needed to have a healthy skeleton and avoid heart disease issues..

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5/1/11 8:24 P

My chiropractor just diagnosed my hip bursitis this past Fri. (In the past my MD just says "stop what causes pain" & here's a prescription.)

My chiropractor did NOT say stop exercising. He said to get with a trainer (or could be PT) & do an exercise that both stretches & strengthens the piriformis muscle AND to include all internal & external rotors for leg.
ALSO, the exercises you do on the painful leg should be performed on the nonpainful leg as well--for balance.

He did say that the combination of issues I'm dealing with (knees, ankle & hip) may lead him to question the wisdom of running at all for cardio. (I had been doing intervals of run/walk.) He said I could set myself up for long term issues if I push it without working through this stage right now.

For me, I also need to get inserts for arches in both shoes.

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5/1/11 7:34 P

One of my hips is very sore, for several months now. I have insurance, but not been to a doctor in YEARS. Does anyone know what kind of a doctor specializes in hip pain?

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10/22/10 8:29 A

Talk to your doctor!

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10/22/10 8:28 A

I had bursisits from last march thru june, till I went to the RA doc and got an injection, I had a hard time doing the steps at my apt building and the girls in PT told me not to overdo, as I was exercising too. They told me to ice it and I used the cup of ice and peeled off the sides, and then I got the injection and so far its not come back.

I know it will so it means another injection and or ice and dont' overdo it.

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10/22/10 6:58 A

Let that hip rest. I'm having some hip discomfort myself and the last thing I want to do is aggravate my hip pain. I would be focusing on the upper body. But, most of all follow your doctor's orders.

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10/21/10 5:43 P

Hi Elizabeth,

So sorry you are having hip issues, but unfortunately each of us experience different symptoms and healing time so we can't provide any real help besides recommending that you contact your doc or even going to get a second opinion.

I will say though, that many times the source of the pain is not the cause of the pain and by working with a bio-mechanist you may be able to find a solution.

I wish you a SPEEDY recovery!

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10/21/10 5:10 P

I have bursitis in my hip.
It started about 6 months ago (my doc wonders if it was from my feeble attempts at running) and has gotten worse.
I can barely feel it in the day time but the pain starts waking me up at 2-3-5 a.m., as soon as my ibuprofen wears off.
I have been exercising religiously for years (various cardio and st) usually 60-90 minutes, 5-6 times a week.
My doc said I can continue 'if it feels comfortable' but my internet research says to rest and let it heal.
So, I've been taking more rest days than I ever have and taking it very easy when do I hit the gym- low-impact, no incline on the treadmill, only upper body and core ST, lots of stretching and ice when done.
I'm scared I'll make my bursitis worse or prolong it!
Does anyone have any personal experience or knowledge about this?

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