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FLIPCHICK14 Posts: 2,375
7/17/13 7:04 P

To tone up my arms... really its a longer term goal as well... but I want to tone them for an event that's coming up in just a few weeks! :)

SALLYLEE84 Posts: 262
7/17/13 10:42 A

Thank you for the suggestions both of you, I definitely think I now have some direction in my goals! emoticon

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
7/16/13 11:23 P

I've always found it helpful to have some process-based goals as well as number/# based goals. Try for a streak--doing x days/wk of exercise, or drinking your water.

The scale doesn't always cooperate, but we are in control of what we do, so it's worth measuring something like that.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
7/16/13 2:28 P

What things are you wanting to be able to DO once you hit a weight? Non-weight and fitness goals add to your life by encouraging other interests. What are your hobbies? Have any interest in running a 5K or participating in a biking or walking event? Think about what you want your life to be like once you are at your goal weight. How will it be different then your life when you were heavy. How will you spend your time, what new things will you try etc. Then set up small goals that start you on your way toward that life.

Coach Tanya

SALLYLEE84 Posts: 262
7/16/13 1:45 P

So I've lost 22 lbs and going strong and a short-term goal of mine is to hit 199 by Aug. 1, the longer goal is to of course to get to a healthy weight by May of next year. When I told my sister this, she was like that's wonderful, what other short-term goals do you have? I have to say that stumped me. I've been so focus on getting out of the 200s and so focused on the end result, that I'm not sure what sort of short-term goals I should set. I mean I can't wait till I hit 179 because that's the smallest I've been as an adult, but it's not exactly a goal, because I know at some point I'll reach it. So any suggestions or thoughts on this would be welcomed. emoticon

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