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11/18/13 8:27 A

I second the tabata protocol idea. It takes about 4 minutes to do and leaves me as exhausted as if I had done a speed workout running. It's a great way to pack a lot of exercise into a short amount of time.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
11/17/13 8:01 P

There are some tabata dvds that might suit you time restrictions

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,850
11/17/13 7:11 P

I love to do Turbo Fire Hitting dvd for a short intense Cardio.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,821
11/17/13 11:19 A

Definitely check out the SP fitness area. They have several free quick video that you can maybe squeeze into your day. The minimum goal for cardio benefit is at least 10 minutes (not 5 as previously mentioned). If you can squeeze in 3 10 minute sessions a day, 5 days a week, you'll be well on your way.

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11/17/13 11:04 A

Three ten minute bursts a day or six five minute bursts a day...grab it while you can! I used to place my son on my shins and do legs lifts. He giggled and I got a bit of a work out.

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11/16/13 10:47 P

It's intervals of active periods (exercising at a high intensity) followed by intervals of recovery periods (exercising at a low-moderate intensity) in repetition, it's anaerobic and helps to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

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11/16/13 9:08 P

It's High Intensity Interval Training.

BEAUTY_WITHIN Posts: 2,663
11/16/13 7:32 P

What's HIT?

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11/16/13 6:21 P

Why not try HIIT? I use Coach Nicole's Jump Rope video to time my intervals and basically follow it. I do some modification to make it more intense and get my heart rate up higher. I just repeat it for 2-3x and burn between 200-300 cals. It is fine if you can only do 10 minutes at a time and take breaks. It adds up!

I have small children and have never been in a gym. I just do my cardio in my living room.

BEAUTY_WITHIN Posts: 2,663
11/16/13 6:05 P

I have a 7 month old. As a result, cardio is becoming hard cause I can't get to a gym, long walk need a destination!

As a result, short bursts of activinty work best. Does anyone have any ideas?

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