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10/6/11 2:33 P

Personally I say some is better than none

10/6/11 1:05 P

The way I look at it, short bouts of exercise are much better than no exercise at all! So, if doing five minutes at a time helps you to get exercise into your day, then it's a good thing.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
10/6/11 11:03 A

I think you're supposed to do cardio for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time. And yes, short bouts of exercise are a great way to get fitness into your day when you don't have a lot of time.

10/6/11 7:41 A

your calorie burn may come out nearly the same but there are other effects of exercise that you'll miss out on if you break it up into small bits. there are hormones and endorphins that are released only after having exercised continuously for a period of time. there is also an "afterburn" affect that you get from exercise that probably won't happen after a short session.

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10/6/11 12:12 A

Doesn't matter- what matters to avoid senditary lifestyle mode is to move more in daily life in general.. Many people think I workout today, then dump down on the couch.. Reality check- wear a pedometer the optimal movement is 10,000 steps or 5km daily out over planned exercise..

I may not be able to get my heart rate up daily in the cardio zone- but the sheer point I am100% more active dumping my car, walking or biking to get around also long haul helps me to keep my weight steady state..

What I considered to be a active life for a mature women is alot more than most average people think.. To eat a normal 2000 calorie nutrition for a average women not on a diet I have to be active all the time using my feet..
I like this article- I wish more people would read it..

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10/5/11 6:52 P

Of course it would depend on the exercise, intensity, etc...
But research is showing that you can break up your daily exercise into smaller clumps and still get great results. I often see recommedations for 3, 10-minutes clumps.

Dietitian Becky

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/5/11 5:49 P

If you get your heart rate up for just as long as you would for the longer workout then yes. If breaking it up makes you not work out as hard overall then no.

DANNIEGEE Posts: 4,114
10/5/11 5:46 P

Is six 5 minutes exercise as effective and beneficial as doing a one time 30 minute per day?

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