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VALVETA Posts: 97
5/25/14 7:22 P

slow and steady

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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Posts: 3,415
5/24/14 11:39 P

slow and steady

DEBROAH01 SparkPoints: (2,794)
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Posts: 97
5/24/14 7:00 P

At my age 79 in July slow steady walking is about it. emoticon

SHARIEANNE SparkPoints: (9,794)
Fitness Minutes: (4,407)
Posts: 62
5/24/14 10:14 A

It's slow and steady but intense Mon-Wed when I do my FIRM tapes that have weights and aerobics combined. It is less intense when I do the Leslie Sansone tapes on Thurs-Fri. I just can't do tapes on Sat-Sun. I take the dog on extra walks on the weekends.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
5/23/14 9:54 P


SWEETLILBLUEYES SparkPoints: (45,169)
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Posts: 339
5/23/14 2:37 P

I'm like you KChandler. Right now I am just getting back into exercise after a decline in my activity. 10 minutes sometimes seems challenging. I did get the spark fitness tracker, and it has helped to motivate me. I can see my progress throughout the day. I can make my own goals. I resisted buying it for 5 months, but felt I needed a motivator, and it has helped me with my baby steps to be more consistent.

KCHANDLER623 SparkPoints: (17,880)
Fitness Minutes: (4,751)
Posts: 230
5/23/14 11:45 A

I'm way out of shape, so slow and steady - 10 minutes at a time! When that gets easy then , 15 minutes, etc etc. etc. I want to make a change in my life and that means doing something daily.

ALIHIKES Posts: 4,505
5/23/14 11:43 A

Generally I am a slow and steady exerciser, it keeps me healthy and motivated because I am successful. But because I walk outdoors and we have hills, I also get some harder intervals. And every couple of weeks I like to mix it up with zumba or another quick paced aerobic workout.

SWEETLILBLUEYES SparkPoints: (45,169)
Fitness Minutes: (24,755)
Posts: 339
5/22/14 12:38 P

I am a true believer in steady. Whatever style you choose to do. Slow and steady works for me. If I were able to I would do some high intensity work as well, because I enjoy the "buzz" but my knees are shot, so I do what I can. It matters that you enjoy whatever you do enough to be consistent.

TBOURLON SparkPoints: (19,280)
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Posts: 522
5/22/14 11:46 A

Seems to me if you've got damaged knees, then whatever you do has to take that into consideration. It's going to be different with everyone - personally I don't have 90 minutes so I have to go shorter and more intense, I guess. You might look into weight lifting, doesn't have to be heavy weights but that's another alternative. Just make sure you use good form for your knees. emoticon

CINDYSUNFLOWER SparkPoints: (29,375)
Fitness Minutes: (14,651)
Posts: 801
5/21/14 8:46 P

Slow and steady wins the race!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

EDEACONTX Posts: 1,065
5/21/14 1:18 P

BOTH. I have to do what fits my schedule. Some days I like it short and sweet and my days off I like to do it slow and steady and enjoy my walks or whatever I'm doing. It gives my exercise some variety. I'm just working on my consistency now .

5/21/14 1:00 P

Slow and Steady......CONSISTENTLY!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/21/14 11:51 A

I find that easier exercise is more likely to find itself in my What matters is doing exercise daily. If it is too hard, you will be sore, and most likely not continue doing it. I like to take a 60 minute walk in the morning along the river. it relaxes my mind, and wakes me up. I do about 3.5 m.p.h. though, so it isn't like I am strolling along ( I have short legs ). I can run part way, or slow down my walking, if I want to, so it really is more about what exercises I want to do.. what I enjoy.

Any exercise you enjoy can be done either way, depending on how you feel that day.

KST1969 SparkPoints: (12,210)
Fitness Minutes: (774)
Posts: 297
5/21/14 11:42 A

As Ive gotten older Ive come to appreciate Slow and Steady. :)

EMMYBENS SparkPoints: (4,874)
Fitness Minutes: (794)
Posts: 62
5/21/14 11:16 A

Slow and steady!!

I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,198
5/20/14 11:05 P

For me? NOT about how fast or slow, it's about the lifestyle. If it's something I like, then I can do it every day until I'm a hundred years old, and it's going to work. emoticon

MARGARITTM Posts: 6,083
5/20/14 11:20 A

I'm both.
But if all you have time for is short - do it!

METAMORPH2010 Posts: 148
5/19/14 4:33 P

Current scientific studies (sorry, don't have any on hand to cite) indicate that long and slow to lose weight is indeed a myth, but the bottom line is that any kind of exercise is better than none, and what you're doing clearly has great benefits for you -- it is not counterproductive.

But "calories in = calories out", while mostly true, is not the whole story. Metabolism comes into play, and the best way to tweak your metabolism is to do interval training. Strength training is also beneficial in this regard. This is probably what that person was talking about.

If you were spending hours on a treadmill and hating it, I would encourage you to switch to interval training for cardio as well as strength training with high weights, but since you're active and happy, stick with what you're doing!.

ZRIE014 Posts: 85,201
5/19/14 1:31 A

i like long and quick when i'm on my training runs

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
5/19/14 1:08 A

I cannot answer the question of whether or not it is counter-productive. I think if you like it and enjoy it that is good enough. I spent about 80 minutes a day on a treadmill prior to my recent move. I am now walking to a gym and spending time on the muscle machines. I think it could be counter-productive when you run out of time and stop doing it. However, if you can work it into your schedule and it is comfortable. -- go for it,

DANTEDARKO1989 Posts: 4
5/19/14 12:14 A

I prefer short and sweet, but only with my swimming workouts. I've only just started working out and eating healthily after a long hiatus, but as I have bad knees I prefer to swim, as it's very low-impact. At my best I can knock out 2 kilometers (1 1/4 miles) in under 45 minutes, but as it stands right now I can only manage 400m (450 yards) in 15 minutes, which is okay by me! I'd rather go a little slower to start and not risk injuring myself, thus losing all my motivation!

5/18/14 11:59 P

Thank you fanny for your opinion.

I stand by mine as what works for me.


FANNYMANSON SparkPoints: (20,213)
Fitness Minutes: (6,372)
Posts: 475
5/18/14 11:38 P

When you have a lot to lose, it has to be slow and steady. You build up to the next level. It's hard to move a body that is 100+ pounds overweight.

Edited by: FANNYMANSON at: 5/18/2014 (23:40)
5/17/14 5:43 P

I like to loose weight short and sweet. Once I am where I want to be then it's time for maintenance.

If it takes too long, I will lose interest, patience and other stuff I can't really put into words.

What I realize is that when I lose weight quickly it gives me momentum and encouragement and proof that what I am doing is working.

Along the way I try to get in some exercise weekly. emoticon

EDWARDSC393 Posts: 2,268
5/17/14 10:59 A

Slow and steady. The body needs to adjust! Also we are doing this for life! Cherie

MARYJOANNA Posts: 7,062
5/17/14 6:06 A

When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady is the best and safest.

JEANKNEE Posts: 20,143
5/16/14 10:38 P

Both. When I am hiking hills the climbs are built in high intensity intervals which are part of an overall hike that can be hours long. I'm not necessarily working hard the entire hike.

CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (36,264)
Fitness Minutes: (14,372)
Posts: 2,677
5/16/14 5:29 P

I like slow and steady.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
5/16/14 5:22 P

slow and steady

N0T2L8 SparkPoints: (1,369)
Fitness Minutes: (37)
Posts: 2
5/16/14 3:29 P

I am slow and steady. I don't last long, but my endurance is improving.

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CARINEVE SparkPoints: (27,161)
Fitness Minutes: (21,002)
Posts: 262
5/16/14 11:52 A

I believe you need to do what feels good to you. That you will be able to stick to your routine.

I do nearly all of my runs at a low pace but for longer periods (45 minutes to 2 hours), because I like it that way, and it makes me dread them less :)
It does mean that I don't increase my average speed as much as I could be, but I am definitely getting fitter, and hardly ever have any injuries.
I had a fitness check recently and my resting heart rate is now 44 beats per minute. I am sure that is because of my low intensity runs and yoga classes.
Slow and steady wins the race, right?

However, I guess you could do intervals or something just once a week, if you want to know what it feels like to really push it (and feel less guilty about not really giving it all).

HOPEFUL_TEE07 SparkPoints: (742)
Fitness Minutes: (140)
Posts: 22
5/15/14 11:16 A

"So you eat to lose weight and exercise to get fit." I really like this. Never heard it that way before but it will stick with me. thanks.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
5/15/14 4:24 A

I do both. I try to get in at least one long swim a week, at least an hour of steady laps, but there are always a couple of days when I cannot commit to that much time in the pool, and on those days I try to swim intervals and beat my previous times. Having started swimming intervals has increased my speed and stamina on my long swims, so it's really a win-win situation. I also do a Zumba class every week that is definitely fast and fun, and gets my heart pumping.

I know what you mean about exercise being therapeutic; if I do not get in at least one long swim a week, I am really cranky. Swimming is a very meditative activity for me, and that aspect is as important as the calorie burn.

Ultimately, what is best for you is the exercise that you are going to keep doing. If you don't like running, walk; if you don't like bootcamp, do Zumba. If you're getting some cardio, some strength training and some stretching in every week, you're probably doing ok.

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
Fitness Minutes: (10,988)
Posts: 247
5/14/14 4:05 P

It's not ineffective to workout slow and steady as long as you workout long enough. I too tend to workout for an hour or two every day on low to moderate intensity exercises.

That being said there is benefit to doing some tough cardio at least once a week. It pushes the body and provides a cardiovascular health boost.

WRITINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,971)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 19
5/14/14 3:28 P

Like almost everyone else, I think that if you're hitting your target cardio range bpm, you're doing fine.
I've heard that exercising "too long" every day isn't good for you---tell that to Olympic athletes who train 4-6 hrs a day, lol!

Unless you're training for a particular goal...ironman, marathon..whatever, I did read that (for example) running more than 15 miles a week doesn't really give you added cardio benefit, but does give you more endurance.

For me, it's about how happy you FEEL. If you're happy with your weight loss or inch loss, how your clothes fit, that's all that matters. If you want tone a little more, you could always take 20 or 30 of those 90 mins and occasionally use them for yoga or pilates or something that doesn't hurt your knees. I think it's great you're doing what you're doing, and I'm sure your Doctor wants to use you as an example to his/her other pts!

You're great!

Kat ;)

5/14/14 1:27 P

The part of your post that I want to focus on is:

"It's very therapeutic for me, doesn't bother my damaged knees much, and I just really love doing it."

Honestly, I was doing things like intervals and variety, but I found it less therapeutic and didn't enjoy it and started missing workouts and struggling with sore feet and ankles.

I went back to doing the treadmill while watching television - and walking outside - even if I have to do more minutes. I just like it and it brings a sense of peace to my days and decreases my stress and when I get tired and burnt out, I still do it.

I know that in the end doing something is better than doing nothing and if you do what you enjoy doing, you will stick with it.

Yes, the constantly changing things up will get you results faster and better, but it does get rid of the therapeutic feel to it, when I do it. I feel stressed out and don't enjoy the exercise as much.

I feel I need the sense of stress relief and feeling peaceful and having a sense of constancy and routine and not having the fear of injury right now more than anything.

I guess those are different goals than just getting in shape.

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GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (239,392)
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Posts: 6,680
5/14/14 1:07 P


SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/14/14 12:54 P

Not counter productive at all. You need to work at a pace that raises your heart rate into the target zone but allows you to continue to workout everyday except for your rest days. Personally, I like hard and fast. I work out at least 60 minutes per day 6 times per week. I use intervals to vary intensity and allow recovery because going all out for over an hour isn't doable for most people. You also get a bigger bang calorie-wise doing intervals than doing steady state.

SUGARSMOM2 SparkPoints: (250,243)
Fitness Minutes: (220,982)
Posts: 10,955
5/14/14 11:00 A

any motion will help burn calories . My mom once asked me a question about exercise and burning calories . she walked with three friends and they did a set of steps . she was convince that she burned as much as them when she took her bags up the stairs at the same time . they said they burned more by going up and down the stairs in three separate trips . I tried to reason with her that they did because they moved more then she . she was cleaver in doing in one but not burning more . mother`s day make me think about her . i miss her dearly .

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
5/14/14 5:23 A

Ultimately, weight loss is about total calories burned versus consumed, not about how you exercise or where your heart rate is.

Working out the way you are certainly isn't counter-productive. But once you get to being able to work out for 30-40 minutes, you are probably better off adding more intensity to your workout, rather than more time.

The reason being that getting your heart rate higher does create additional health and fitness benefits. And of course it is more time-efficient, as you can burn the same number of calories in less time. Using the time saved to add some strength training will help your weight loss, as ST plus cardio is definitely better than cardio alone.

But you mention using the incline on your treadmill. The incline is an excellent way to add intensity to your walking. Each 1% of incline adds 10% to the effort required - holding a brisk walk on a 10% incline IS an excellent workout.


FITWITHIN Posts: 26,174
5/13/14 8:15 P

I personally like doing them both. It all depends on my mood and what workout I'm in the mood for that day. Or, if I'm participating in a challenges.

5/13/14 8:08 P

Variety is my path to success. Longer workouts at a steady pace help me build endurance, which gives me a strong foundation that I need for the higher-intensity workouts...which, in turn, help me pick up the pace in my longer workouts. Plus varying my workouts helps me stay challenged and engaged.

5/13/14 7:54 P

I do slow and steady too. I walk fast enough on the treadmill to get my heart into the target rate zone, and I've been gradually increasing the incline, so when I get off the treadmill I'm tired. Besides my morning 30 minutes on the treadmill, twice a day I walk 15 or 20 minutes at work, incorporating at least 3 flights of stairs per session. Since I'm at work I have to do it in professional clothing and getting excessively sweaty is not an option, so I'd be a lot worse off if lower-intensity exercise wasn't helpful. It has to burn more calories than sitting at a desk, that's for sure.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
5/13/14 7:16 P

I like fast and long! But slow and steady is the best way to gain strength and lose weight!

BOPPY_ SparkPoints: (146,921)
Fitness Minutes: (124,807)
Posts: 5,346
5/13/14 7:00 P

Doesn't matter what I prefer.

What my body requires if I DON'T want to be UNable to exercise the next day, week, or month, ... is slow and steady, and not too long. But, then, I'm 67, and I've lead a misspent life. YMMV emoticon

Lee emoticon

P.S. Your 5th grade English teacher was wrong. Sometimes a double negative is what's required. And sometimes a double negative is NOT a positive; it means that you're doubly negative about the point, at hand. English is not math. And, mercifully, math is not English.

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ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
5/13/14 12:23 P

I definitely prefer slow and steady instead of short and sweet, especially like going for long bike rides and being out in the fresh air - good workout for me.

ALMISSE SparkPoints: (27,250)
Fitness Minutes: (7,130)
Posts: 722
5/13/14 12:09 P

If you're getting your heart rate up to where it needs to be, you're doing fine. I imagine quite a few people out there thing you need to be downright exhausted to be burning calories, but that's not the case.

Sparkpeople has a good article for finding your target heart rate:

I know a lot of treadmills have a heart rate monitor built in, and I'm hoping yours does. At least you'll be able to tell for sure, and if you don't have or can't afford one that's fine too. You don't really need one to know your heart is beating faster. :)

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
5/13/14 9:09 A

If you're always keeping the intensity challenging, then you're burning calories. Sure, going faster or doing more intense cardio will burn calories quicker but if you're happy with what you're doing, stick with it. Remember though, losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So you eat to lose weight and exercise to get fit. Also, strength training (over the long term) is more effective at burning calories than cardio since muscle increases your BMR.

ALIUHOHS SparkPoints: (2,079)
Fitness Minutes: (2,450)
Posts: 56
5/13/14 8:27 A

Depending on how crazy my schedule is, I spend anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes a day on my treadmill walking with speed and incline intervals. It's very therapeutic for me, doesn't bother my damaged knees much, and I just really love doing it.

However… someone told me that taking so long to get my workouts in each day is actually counter productive and to burn calories I need to be working out harder and faster. Is that true? To me, it seems like if I'm breaking a sweat the whole time and keeping my heart rate up for 40 to 90 minutes that I should be burning something, right? Or am I actually keeping myself from losing weight?

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