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8/31/14 6:31 P

Have you tried Zumba? You can find one song workouts that will give you a great sweat, then rest until you are ready for the next song. Lots of variety & different types of dancing.

I'm not sure what your level of fitness is, but if you are looking for something short & intense, look up RIPPED workouts. They can be small sections that really kick your butt in a short time!

MLAN613 Posts: 19,276
8/31/14 9:22 A

I have recently discovered that Pinterest has some great workout ideas. You can even find one song workouts. I even created a board a while back.

You can also find a lot of other ideas there too, like HIIT, Bootcamp, cardio machines, strength.

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8/29/14 8:05 P

check out Zuzana Light.

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8/29/14 7:52 P

Have you looked at any of Coach Nicoles' videos here on Spark? Even the Seated Cardio one gives a good workout...! There are Resistance Band workouts as well as Cardio, Upper Body, etc.

If you have outdoor access...when was the last time you did any bicycling?? Find a hill if you haven't ridden for awhile and you like intensity...LOL!!

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8/29/14 7:32 P

After some months of trial and error and failed attempts, I realized that my body enjoys short but fast/intense workouts.

I've been searching on youtube for videos but cannot find any that are for beginners.

I'm currently working out to a song and I do random high intensity movements , then rest for a few seconds and then back to intense. I replay the song 3 times. 4 min song 3 times =12 mins.

It doesn't leave me exhausted like low intensity 30 min cardio does. Anyone similar? ANyone have any workout recommendations?

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