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8/14/13 8:09 P

This video from Runner's World REALLY helped me troubleshoot and stop my shin splints. Perhaps it will help you!

NESTOF3 Posts: 107
8/14/13 4:33 P

I just figured if I could run at 5 mph for 30 minutes straight, I could run for 23 minutes at a beginner interval level. Total minutes at 5.5 was 2 minutes. Total minutes at 5.7 was 2 minutes. Rest of the minutes were at 5 mph or slower.

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8/14/13 4:07 P

You are progressing waaaay too quickly. Your intervals should be walk-run, not run/ run faster. Not a wonder you have shin splints. Slow down!!

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8/14/13 2:26 P

Also, I had been speed-walking on a treadmill for a few months. I had built up slowly to jogging at 5 mph for a couple weeks for about 25-30 minutes of a 45 minute walk. Then I tried beginner interval training -- running between 4.5 and 5.7 mph for 23 minutes total. Enter shin splints.

NESTOF3 Posts: 107
8/14/13 2:23 P

Thank you all. I did visit a running store (one my 100-miler brother recommended). They watched me and didn't notice any pronation and said my arch was good.

I have watched videos and read about running on he balls instead of heels. I hadn't had time to try it because I stopped the running at the first sign of shin splints. I did continue walking but had to stop that too.

The general shin splint pain is on the outer side of the tibia and the front. The only pain I feel upon touch today (iced yesterday and took ibuprofen) is right below my left knee on the inside. Left leg shin splint was more painful yesterday than right.

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8/14/13 12:39 P

I coach beginner runners and shin splints are the number one thing they complain about. While it is very common in beginners mainly due to doing to much to soon and trying to adapt to a new exercise, it probably has something to do with your shoes. Make sure your shoes are fitted properly and if not go to a running store to get fitted. Also, make sure your laces are not tied to tightly. Having your laces tied to tightly can cause pain up and down your shin. There is actually a special technique for tying your running shoes to prevent shin splints that I teach my beginners. If you go to a good running store they should be able to show you or you can find a video online.

8/14/13 11:56 A

"Do I have to stop riding my bike too? What about Pilates? I assume I can still do weights and such with abs and arms, but what about plank exercises?

Avoid exercises that cause shin pain. Probably just running and jumping in your case.

Is the pain on the inner half of your shins or the outer half? That gives a clue of the cause.

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8/14/13 10:17 A

Chances are it's your shoes. They may not have appropriate support for you. Go to a RUNNING srore and have them test your stride and they will fit you with the proper shoes.

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8/13/13 10:00 P

Try the Spark article "Tips and Hints to Deal with Shin Splints" at

You may not necessarily have to permanently give up running - try approaching running more gradually, and different shoes can often significantly improve things.


NESTOF3 Posts: 107
8/13/13 7:35 P

In both legs, but it hurts a bit more in left leg. Just tried the single hop test, and there was no pain.

I'm icing now and took anti-inflammatories. It's happens every time I run, even if I ease into it. I give up on running, Once I'm better, only walking for me.

Do I have to stop riding my bike too? What about Pilates? I assume I can still do weights and such with abs and arms, but what about plank exercises?

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