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8/6/12 8:17 P

Good advice, thanks! I was hoping to get to my 100 goal by the 12 th of this month. I will have to suck it up and make other plans... :(

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8/6/12 4:30 A

Yeah, it's pretty common for the increase in cardio fitness to outpace the increase in capacity of our bodies to cope with higher impact.

Other low impact options to keep up with your workouts while your shins recover might include stationery cycling or the elliptical, although probably just at moderate intensity for the time being.

Also, you don't have to give up your 100 mile goal - just stretch out the timeframe a bit.


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8/5/12 8:27 P

Appreciate the advice - very helpful. I think I'll either take to the pool - or work my arms for the duration. I am just kicking myself that I did something dumb - and tried to go too hard, too fast.

At least now I know my limits!! :)

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8/5/12 8:09 P


Most definitely RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). I would not recommend doing anything until you are pain free for a full week. And don't drop your calories too much...the reason, your body needs the nutritents to heal and repair.

If you are not better in a week you may want to contact your doctor to rule out a stress fracture which may mimic a shin splint. But understand that conventional x-rays will not detect a stress fracture until calcification of the bone takes place.

Take care and here's to a SPEEDY recovery!

Coach Nancy

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8/5/12 7:56 P

Hi! I've been walking at the Y for about 7 weeks. I am 12 miles away from my 100 mile goal - and I've come up lame. After yesterday's workout, I am having mild to medium shin splint pain in one leg. Yesterday I went longer than I normally do (85 minutes vs. 60 minutes) and probably (Ok - most likely) over did it on the incline... Usually stay under 7.5% with the last 10 at 10%, but cranked that baby up to 12% yesterday.

I've been taking advil and icing today. Just a short walk about with the dog. I am wondering if I can go to the gym and 'see how it goes' tomorrow - or if I really need to lay off the treadmill for a couple of days. Any advice? I have been eating lower calories today - hoping to not back slide...

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