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6/17/13 11:18 A

I'm guessing you got where you are mostly through cardio? Unfortunately that will make it harder to maintain. Diet decreases metabolism, cardio only burns while you're doing it. Building muscle creates lean mass which takes energy to maintain every day. I would strength train 3 x a week. You won't bulk up. You'll just get leaner. AIm for weights that you can't do more than 10 times for three sets.

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6/17/13 10:23 A

Right now I am not doing so much strength training. I am trying to follow the Turbo Fire routine which is mostly cardio and some weights. Weight lifting is mostly reps of 12. Do you think 4-5 x a week cardio and 1-2 x a week strength should do it?

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
6/16/13 8:59 P

To change body composition and to reduce your overall size, strength training is the key. Muscle is considerably denser than fat - take a look at
for a great photo of this.

Aim at a moderate calorie deficit - say around 0.5 lbs per week. And make sure your strength training is genuinely challenging - once you can do 12+ reps, it is time to move up to a heavier weight/more challenging exercise. A very simple all-body routine would be:
* squats/lunges
* deadlifts
* planks
* pushups (modified/wall/incline pushups if necessary)
* pullups/lat pull downs/bent over dumbbell rows


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6/16/13 5:12 P

Well, unfortunately, you can't choose where your fat comes off; you're at the point where the scale's pretty useless. What you're looking at is body fat composition; I would suggest first getting properly tested (not one of those scales or someone without training, a doctor or a trained professional with skin calipers.

You still have to shed fat overall; it may be time for you to work on a better strength program. What have you been doing so far?

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6/16/13 4:01 P

So I'm at goal with my weight, but I would like to lose an inch off my waist. Can I do this without losing more weight? I'm doing the Turbo Fire workouts now, hoping to get more toned and what not.

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