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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/17/13 10:20 A

I have a friend that is a beachbody coach and SWEARS by the shakes. He also tries to get me to buy and drink them. I don't. I know just as many people who really DO NOT like them.

Compared to the other MLM shakes I have seen (advocare, body by vi, herbalife) they are the better of them. They are processed food, and have a lot of nutrition, but they are dairy (unless you get the vegan) products and not organic, so they do have antibiotics and rGBH (hormones) in them. They also have added sugar. If that is a problem for you, stay away.

Here is an article about all the shakes and how "good" they are.

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MARYED5 SparkPoints: (1,911)
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7/13/13 2:17 P

I agree, Most of the network marketing or multilevel marketing ones are overpriced. I do use high quality whey protein powder sometimes for a quick take along meal with berries and/or flavoring like cocoa powder and stevia and almond milk and enjoy them.

7/12/13 5:47 P

I like the research you did on the doctors! Wow - I had no idea. I have been thinking about doing this too and it sounds like I should pass. Thanks for doing all the research and sharing. It helped a lot!

MOTHEROFBOYS5 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/13 7:51 A

I tried shakeology. I actually loved the chocolate flavor, but it did not love me back! I drank one shake a day, in addition to trying to manage my diet and exercise, but ended up hospitalized with an intestinal blockage and needing surgery. Apparently, some people are "sensitive" to the fiber in shakeology, and I'm one of them. The company refunded my money, but--oy--the medical expenses! Not to mention the set-back in my weight loss. emoticon

I think the shake can help some people, but be careful...SO MANY ingredients! I'll stick with my roasted chicken breast, steamed broccoli and brown rice for my calories, thank you! And when I want a shake, I'll mix up some frozen berries and yogurt!

6/18/13 1:32 P

I tried samples of Shakeology and loved the Chocolate ones, but there was not enough to notice a change in energy or anything so I cannot comment on that, wish I had the money to have some as a quick meal replacement once in a while

I think if you have a magic bullet or nutri bullet you can make something comparable and cost effective.
Since I LOVE chocolate I use chocolate whey protein powder, banana, water, PB2 (or regular peanut butter) and oatmeal. Or Protein powder, strawberries, oatmeal (I use that fill me up a little more) and milk.

CAITLINANN10 Posts: 984
6/18/13 1:07 P

I've tried it, chocolate is alright; it takes like there is wheatgrass in it (there is). Tropical strawberry is pretty good, but I've never tried it without a banana in it.

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
6/15/13 10:38 P

I tried the chocolate one, tasty. I tried the green one, NASTY!

I have them in my cabinet, I only drink the chocolate one, once in a while.

I will probably never buy them again ($$$) just something I tried.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,521
6/14/13 10:24 P

I considered using them but they are way to expensive when you can find a price. And all the websites I visited are more interested in getting you to sign up to sell. Rather than sell you the product.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
6/14/13 7:20 P

Why would you spend so much on something you can make for a fraction of the price with your own ingredients? It has "scam" written all over it. Okay, maybe not "scam," since it probably *does* do what it claims to do (as any calorie-restriction method would), but definitely "ripoff."

On top of that, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but there's no way I would be satisfied eating so many shakes and smoothies. Food is good. Smoothies are also good, but there is definitely such thing as too much of a good thing, and I can't eat the same thing more than a couple of days in a row without getting sick of it, even if it's something I love. I'd rather eat my food in solid form, with the occasional smoothie tossed in when I want one. And if I already have healthy food at home, I can make my own smoothies very easily, without spending five times as much just to line someone else's pockets.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/14/13 6:57 P

BRITTANYLYNN92X, I'm glad you had a good experience, but I promise you; I'm not "badmouthing" anything. I've done buckets of research on this and other products. You likely would have had exactly the same results from another brand of shake. Maybe you went with Visalus instead (another MLM, expensive shake brand), or maybe you used slim fast. We've had people here at SP claim the same health benefits you have simply by losing weight and eating healthier.

As for doctors not lying, oh yes they do. I wish they didn't. I wish a doctor's endorsement meant something on a weight loss product. But generally, it's not even worth the ink it's printed on. Those endorsements are usually misleading.

I really don't know why you're that upset about it. It's a shake, not a religion. It's a food product, and therefore like any food, has negatives and positives. It also has slick marketing campaigns and a predatory distribution scheme.

Just because you've had a good experience does not mean that no one has, and that certainly doesn't mean that people are out to "get" you when they disagree.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
6/14/13 6:13 P

Doctors don't lie???

We'll leave that alone, but let's look at some of the doctors at your link.

Dr. Stephen Patt-- a family practitioner with a 45% patient satisfaction rating.

Not an expert in nutrition, and apparently not a particularly good GP.

Dr. Matthew Jensen-- emergency room physician. Doesn't actually say he thinks Shakeology is a good product, just that losing weight is good for you.

Dr. Mark Cheng-- accupuncturist, not MD. Google him and you get a list of things he sells longer than your arm.

Dr. Marvin Slepian-- cardiologist. Again, says that losing weight is a good thing, does not say that Shakeology is a good product.

It goes on and on. Some of the "doctors" are chiropractors, who in most states are legally barred from giving nutritional directions. Most of the actual doctors say things along the lines of "Shakeology is better than a fast-food lunch" or "Hey, if it helps with weight loss, that can't be bad," or "It's only 140 calories and it has a lot of vitamins, so it's not a bad thing to have as a snack." NONE of them say it's the best way to lose weight (in fact, most of them don't even say it's a good way to lose weight.)

Meal replacements work for some people-- especially for people who have just gained a few pounds recently, due to a particular change in lifestyle or an illness, etc. If you gained weight from a temporary problem, and you just need to get back to normal, then a temporary solution is fine. If, on the other hand, you've had a weight problem for a long time and your "normal" is what you're trying to change, then you need to avoid temporary things and look for a new, permanent, healthier "normal."

And the real, major drawback to Shakeology is that it's a multi-level marketing system. That means the company doesn't really make its money from making and selling the shake; it makes its money from charging people to sell it for them! If you want a meal replacement shake, get one that you can buy in a store. That way, if you don't like it, it doesn't work, or it works and you don't need it anymore, you can just quit buying it. With Shakeology, the second you stop buying it, you're going to get a phone call from your "distributor" begging you to come back and crying that she "thought you were friends" and you "owe her a little loyalty," and who needs that? If you want a diet shake, get one that doesn't come with a relationship!

6/14/13 4:14 P

DRAGONCHILDE: I am sorry, that you know people who have had bad experiences. Personally, I have had great experiences. More energy, less cravings, weight loss, and the best change of all, it has helped with my migraines. I went from taking about 3200 mg of a NSAID a week to maybe 400mg every 2 weeks. My liver is definitely thanking me for sure. So please, try something and do your research before you bad-mouth something. I personally have never met anyone who had a negative experience with shakeology. But, I am not lying and I have no reason to lie. I am just trying to help people, as I have benefited from it.

If you don’t believe me, doctors don’t lie…

Thank you and have a good night!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/14/13 3:17 P

BRITTANYLYNN92X, I've heard many people who have tried them who have negative things to say.

As for your PDF, there is nothing magical in that list of ingredients that you can't get from a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Although the "Adaptogen Herbs" seriously made me laugh. That's code for "we gave something normal a fancy name to make it sound more impressive than it is." The claims made by people who use this term have not been validated.

Note that little disclaimer at the bottom of the PDF? It means they can make whatever claims they want.

They're just shakes. They're no different than the stuff you get at the grocery store. They cost more. If you like the flavor, go for it. But they provide no advantage others don't.

6/14/13 2:58 P

Shakeology is amazing! i have never heard of anything negative about the shakes, and everybody who tries them..loves them. The only people who talk negative about them, obviously haven't tried them.

The link below shows what Shakeology contains and the benefit of each ingredient.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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Posts: 3,526
2/2/13 12:56 A

Meal replacement shakes are a great idea if you are running short on time. I don't think it is a sustainable idea long term.

Shakes are not a magic cure.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
2/1/13 10:57 P

Shakes do not provide some sort of magic weight loss secret. They are, nothing else, just a way to easily restrict calories.

The problem with these is that they teach you absolutely nothing about how to manage your food. You didn't get where you are today by knowing how to manage your food intake naturally, and shakes aren't going to help you get there. The thing that most people who do this sort of "get thin quick" scheme is that even if they do lose the weight, when they stop doing the shakes, they gain the weight back, and THEN some! That's because they never addressed the real cause of their obesity.

Are they bad? No. Overpriced? Yes. Like most multi-level marketing schemes, the company makes its money off its representatives... not its products.

Unless you want to drink shakes for the rest of your life, don't bother. Make changes for LIFE, not dieting in the short term.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/1/13 10:30 P

$119 for what amounts to mainly ground rice.

SPIRALDOWN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 859
2/1/13 10:26 P

heard nothing but negative... Eat your calories dont drink them...

NURSEJ10 Posts: 142
2/1/13 8:49 P

Has anyone tried it? Thoughts? Pros and cons?

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