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emoticon You GO, GIRL!
Sounds like you have put ALOT of thought into this.........I know myself that I too like to reward myself for my weight loss but hadn't thought about rewards for a healthy life style:Good emoticon I had posted a new topic for rewards and got some nice results, you may want to search for it here on this message board for other ideas, but I think you got it!
THANKS, for helping all of us also


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6/22/13 10:34 A

It sounds like you've got a good plan, and I especially like that it is focused on a healthier lifestyle moreso than the weight loss. I love the hula hope reward. That sounds like so much fun. It's a great core workout, and you can even get the hoops that you can add weights to.

Great job on working out a reward system for yourself.

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6/20/13 2:16 P

I'm setting up a reward system for forming healthy habits (rather than focusing on the end result of weight loss).

I have two sticker charts that I just made. The first one is my Spark Streaks one. Each day I complete my daily task, I get to add a star sticker. Some tasks may help with others. For example, I may decide to set a monthly goal of doing Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels 5 days per week (with Leslie Sansone workouts on weekends). By completing that goal, I will also complete my 10 minutes of exercise requirement and contribute to my 10,000 step goal.

If I add in a sticker for every requirement during a given day, I get a sticker on my second chart. I also get 2 bonus stickers for completing all of my tasks every day during the week. In addition, I can earn 1 sticker (though it might change to 2) for each goal I complete for 4 consecutive weeks.

So I am also rewarding weight loss goals, I will also earn 1 sticker for every 5 pounds and 2 for every 10 pounds lost. This way, I reward the weight loss, but I don't make that my biggest focus for rewards.

When I reach 100 stickers on my big chart, I will earn a prize. I think my first one may be a proper, adult hula hoop. Other goals I have are a new purity ring Vera Bradley bags, and perhaps the tattoo I have been wanting for years (though, that may be at the end). For my ultimate weight loss, I plan on getting my hair and makeup done and buying a whole new wardrobe (and possibly taking a trip into NYC).

I also plan on mini rewards for every 25 stickers. These will be Kindle books, inexpensive Walmart earrings, an inexpensive top (since I don't want to buy too many clothes unless I NEED to if I'm planning on overhauling my wardrobe at goal), and exercise DVDs. My smaller rewards will be under $15, and in most cases they will be under $10-12 (if I go for books or workout videos).

Right now, I'm starting with 4 goals:

-10,000 steps per day
-10 minutes of exercise per day
- Track food
- 3 different colors of produce each day

As time progresses (likely once every 4 weeks), I will add and/or change goals. I might have a goal next month to complete the Sparkpeople Bootcamp (with a Leslie Sansone video on cross-training days), but that goal may be replaced with an entirely different goal of jump roping 60 times per day the following month. If I do have a temporary, 1 month/4 week goal, it will be replaced with a goal in the same category (ie: 1 month's fitness goal will be replaced with a different fitness goal the following month). Naturally, it will be harder for me to earn daily stickers as time progresses. When I get to the point where my goal is to stay within my calorie range, there will be days I don't earn a sticker and weeks where I don't earn my bonus, and that's ok.

So, what do you think of my plan? Do you think it's a good way to earn rewards?

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