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NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/2/14 9:14 A

anything that's spark entered has a pull down menu where you can choose serving, oz, grams, cups, etc. you basically click on serving and the other options come up.
anything that doesn't have that is user entered [it also has the user's name by the title]. if that's the case you need to check the info for several reasons. one is that some users are really bad at data entry, so they don't copy all of the info or they don't do it correctly. another part of that is that different regions and countries have different info for the same product, which means that the entry might be accurate for someone else but not for what you have in front of you. still another problem is that there isn't a great way to get outdated info out of the tracker and spark started letting users share info right about the same time companies started reformulating for transfats. so you really need to check that info. in my experience, it's much easier to manually enter the info you have in front of you as a custom food rather than wade through all the entries for what is in front of you, but doesn't have the sodium listed or has a different calorie/fat/protein/carb/fiber count than what i have in front of me. it takes a few weeks to get most of what you eat in there, at which point it gets much quicker to track.

DIVER47 Posts: 2
1/1/14 8:42 P

I was so excited when I moved from Calorie Counter to Spark People primarily because the food data base was so much more robust and complete. The problem I am having is with Serving Size for a large portion of the foods I have researched is listed as (1 Serving). Am I missing where the serving size is equated to OZ, GRAMS, CUPS or some other guideline.

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