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If you have a kitchen scale you could also weigh the casserole dish or skillet or whatever empty, then weigh it again with the cooked food in it. Subtract the two numbers and divide by 6. That would give you the weight of one serving. Then put your plate on the scale, zero it out, and serve up the weight of food you calculated. It is somewhat of a pain, but I have been doing that the first time I make a recipe. Then I note the serving weight down and can use it later without all the extra work. If you want to know cup size or whatever, just take the food you weighed out and put it into your measuring cups, write it down, and you are good to go for now and for the future.

Note though that like was mentioned above, the weight can definitely change given the cooking time, ingredients used, etc, however, this gives an estimate that Im comfortable with.

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If they don't list the size of the portion, you would need to do your best to divide that recipe into equal parts of the number of servings it says. Say a casserole dish says it has 6 servings, you would do your best to cut it into 6 equal sized servings. Sometimes when you are dealing with liquid, it is difficult to say specifically how much is in a serving because if you cook it less time or more time than what is originally called for (or even have any variance in what you added to the recipe), the serving size can easily vary with just a few things like that.

I know it probably isn't the answer you were looking for, but it's the best advice I can give on the portion sizes for recipes.

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Can anyone tell me how much is a serving for the recipe One skillet cheesy mexican beef & Rice? Ex they say it has 314.3 cal per serving and it serves 6 well how big is the serving? 1 C?

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