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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
8/19/11 12:21 P

An update from me, I am pretty much a size 6 (my Ann Taylor & Jones 6 pants are a bit loose, but Old Navy 6s barely fit. Some styles won't button! I wish there was more uniform sizing!) I do have 2 size 4 suit coats, one fits really well, the other is a tad snug. I am mostly in a M top now and am firmly in a M bottom!

I am almost at my goal weight. I plan to try to lose 10-15 more pounds (that post-baby belly flab is the worst!), and I think that would put me in a size 4. I would be very happy there, I think. I can't see my hips letting me be a size 2! ;)

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AHEADRICK75 Posts: 405
8/19/11 11:46 A

currently at a 14..would love to be a 10!!

8/18/11 5:13 P

I currently wear a 4 and would like to be a 2 again. About 10 pounds to lose I would think.

ZEBRINA2 Posts: 112
7/4/11 10:58 A

currently am wearing size 14 from 16. Would love to wear size 12.

7/1/11 3:19 A

I started at a 16 and I'm currently in a 4, but I still have 10-15lbs I'd like to lose, so probably a 0-2? That'd be pretty okay in my book. :)

GINGERPAWZ SparkPoints: (45,767)
Fitness Minutes: (57,540)
Posts: 4,674
6/30/11 11:15 P

My heavist size was a 20/22.
I am currently wearing a 14/16.

I would like to get down to a 6/8.

VEGGIE9 Posts: 7
6/30/11 1:37 P

My heaviest was a size 12/14 pants and now I am a 8/10. i would love to be a 4/6 at the minimum.
I was a 10/12 when i had a baby 4 years ago s0 8/10 is not too bad, but i have heavy legs and bottom. :P

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Fitness Minutes: (194)
Posts: 7
6/30/11 9:27 A

Wasn't in other thread.

I wore maternity pants for nearly 6 months after having our daughter, until my pants were falling off me, and then my husband said enough already. So I got new pants (Old Navy, which was also the brand of maternity pants I had) and I was down to a size 14, my maternity pants were an Old Navy L... no clue what that equates to.

I'm currently in size 8/10 pants (depending on brand) and I had gotten down to size 6/8, but gained 5 back, and apparently that made a difference!

I would like to be back in at least a 6/8, maybe eventually a 4/6 since I know I've got plenty more to lose in my waist with all the lose skin left over from my pregnancy 2 years ago... yep, 2 years!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (200,060)
Fitness Minutes: (195,365)
Posts: 15,865
6/30/11 8:58 A

highest: size 10-12, L
current: size 0-2, XS

I wouldn't mind being size 0 across the board or maybe 00 and XXS.

SMCEWAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 4
6/30/11 1:04 A

I'm currently still wearing maternity pants 5 months after Jack being born... Think I would be about a size 20.. Would love to get down to a 12... Haven't been down that size since I was about 18...Really need to start doing something about it!! Especially since I have got to go back to work in about 4 weeks :(

ANGELWENDYMAMA SparkPoints: (54,300)
Fitness Minutes: (48,524)
Posts: 4,868
6/29/11 11:29 P

it will be nice to get out of the plus sizes someday! I'm currently 3X bottoms (24-26), 2X tops. I would love to be out of that.. which is about size 18 bottoms, probably. Ultimately - maybe 12's. Can't even really imagine that yet, though.

JACOBY46 SparkPoints: (11,945)
Fitness Minutes: (3,547)
Posts: 408
6/29/11 9:36 A

Size 6...although I have an entire wardrobe of 8

GIGIHEALTHY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,725)
Posts: 379
6/29/11 9:27 A

I started at a tight 22. My 20's are loose and I'm wearing some of my 18's. I would like to be a 12/14

MJREIMERS Posts: 7,527
6/28/11 4:31 P

You all can make the size goal that you want! I was a 12/14 and now I'm a 6/8. If I can do it, all of you can! Keep working at it, talk to others for support, and use those trackers. emoticon

JMHAYDEN1005 Posts: 329
6/28/11 2:58 P

10 or 12

6/26/11 12:25 P

I would love to be a size 10 or 12. That feels realistic for me to reach. Right now I'm aiming to get out of the 20's. Currently a size 24.

PERCILLANN SparkPoints: (2,384)
Fitness Minutes: (1,046)
Posts: 7
6/25/11 5:23 P

I would love to be an 8! (again) But at this point I'd be happy to button my sz 12.... currently a sz 14

BEACHBRIDE2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 13
6/24/11 2:24 P

I basically just started on this journey and I am currently a size 22. I would love to get down to an 8, but I feel like a more realistic goal would be 14.

JSMOM37 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (230)
Posts: 29
6/24/11 11:11 A

Currently a 14 - would love to be a size 8

XMILOAGO Posts: 37
6/24/11 11:06 A

i would love to be a 9 again, currently a 15 emoticon

JB2190 Posts: 4
6/23/11 2:43 P

I just started SP but I have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year and already gone from an 18 to a (getting loose!) 16. My first goal is to lost another 20 pounds and hit 199 - maybe I will be a 14 at that point. I think that if I can hit my final goal of under 160 that maybe I would be a size 10, which wouldn't be too bad for me at this age (32) and my height (5'7", big boned). I'd love to be a 10 again!

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
6/18/11 11:37 A

Hmm, that is one thing I haven't considered since starting this weight loss journey. Even at my healthiest and best I was no smaller than a size 10/12. I wear a size 13/14. My hips are smaller in proportion to my height and weight, so I get the 13/14 for my waist and the but and hip area hangs loose on me. I think I would be fine in a size 10.

6/17/11 5:46 P

Just a 10 , still a double digit , but seems doable and still a challenge ! emoticon

KLC1925 Posts: 208
6/17/11 4:13 P

I want to be a 8.

SHERRY03 Posts: 581
6/17/11 1:07 P

Right now I am a 14, depending on the clothing. Last year I had gotten down to a 12, but my ultimate goal is to be a size 8.

TNSFAN Posts: 41
6/17/11 11:05 A

Currently a very tight 12..kinda popping out of my 12's, but really don't want to buy new clothes... usually a 10...have a whole stack waiting for me.... would love to be an 8...this would be worth buying new clothes!!!

MELYNDA210 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,271)
Posts: 25
6/16/11 10:33 A

Highest was size 18, and that was a sad, sad day! Right now I'm a 14, after losing almost 30 pounds over a year ago. I've only been down to a 12 one time, just before getting pregnant with my first child. I'd think it was a miracle to be in a 12 again, and a 10 would be even better!

6/15/11 2:57 P

8ish would really be nice.

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MOMOFJACKK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,688)
Posts: 37
6/15/11 2:29 P


Fitness Minutes: (3,130)
Posts: 628
6/13/11 9:20 P

Good question...maybe an 8.

LEONNI123 Posts: 136
6/10/11 6:44 P

I'm currently a 12/14 and considering the fact that I have a very small's pretty heavy.

I've been everything from size 4 to my current. 4 was too small for me. So I'm aiming for a 8 (I'm tallish).

KOREENREGIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,551)
Posts: 1,737
6/10/11 5:55 A

I started out a size 18 am now a size 10 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEANJR86 Posts: 126
6/6/11 9:28 P

I'm a man, so my sizes are a bit different. I started at a 36 and am now at a 32.

6/6/11 7:23 P

When I began my weight loss journey I wore a size 16 pants and extra large shirts. Now I wear a size 7 pants and medium, sometimes small, shirts.

6/2/11 9:47 A

I'm a small framed person so I'm currently wearing a size 4, however I would like to go back to a size 2. I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I should be and hopefully I can lose that. I really haven't tried to lose weight before, but I just finished up some treatments for Breast Cancer and the steriods & lack of gym time has assisted with some weight gain. Granted I could have put down the cookies, but they kind of seemed appropriate at the time. Anyway, back at the gym and trying to get back in shape.
I saw that Dr Oz once said you should try to be your weight when you were 18 and that was about 115 so I would assume that would be my goal. I'm 5'3 and 35 years old so hopefully I have the metabolism to get there again. Good luck to everyone!

CHEEKS90 Posts: 37
6/1/11 11:34 A

What I wouldn't do and give to be back to 120lbs!!!!! That was 21 yrs ago!! It took for me to get to high school to even weigh 100 lbs, now....I can't get to 150lbs to make an improvement

MENOLLYRJ SparkPoints: (31)
Fitness Minutes: (1,583)
Posts: 152
5/29/11 8:19 A

When I started losing weight last summer, I was in a TIGHT 14. Now I'm in a 12, but would like to fit into my 10's. I don't have any desire to weigh 125, which is my "ideal" weight. I know I can maintain 135 easily, as I was 135 for many years, pre-kids...


COASTIE78 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (313)
Posts: 8
5/28/11 8:46 P

Back to a size 9. I look good as a size 9. I have a booty for a white girl and kinda big boobs so it looks nice. I havebeen super skinny size 5 but it was not attractive

SUECHRIS50 SparkPoints: (72,085)
Fitness Minutes: (62,517)
Posts: 3,243
5/28/11 11:25 A

my journey began in january 2005 and I was wearing 20 pants and 2x tops and now im in 10 pants and large to medium tops! emoticon

MS2MRSBRAGG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (466)
Posts: 10
5/28/11 10:39 A

4 years ago I was a size 5 and crept up to a size 20. I am not a baggy size 18 (16 a little snug) but would like to get to a comfy size 7. I have started and restarted this diet and exercise attempts, but I have so much to gain if I can accomplish my goals that I am going to continue trying. Wish me luck!!! And good luck to all of you!!!

KKOLLIG Posts: 140
5/26/11 10:38 A

My highest was a size 16 four or five years ago. Then, I lost a ton of weight and got down to a 6/8. Stress and lack of attention have allowed me to creep back to a 12, and now I'm working hard to lose again. I plan to settle at the 8 range, as I think it was just too hard for me to maintain the 6.

5/25/11 2:15 P

At my highest weight of 263, I was in a size 22 bottoms and 18/20 tops.

I am now mostly in size 10 bottoms and size medium tops.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/25/11 11:42 A

I didn't post in the other thread, but I'll post here. The biggest size I've ever worn was a 16, and that was in one or two outfits. That was probably 4 or 5 years ago. I've consistently been a 12 or 14 for the past few years, getting all the way down to an "almost" 6 (6 too small, 8 feeling roomy), but, when I started here (in earnest) in April, I was wearing a 12 or a 14. I am currently consistently in a 10, but I did wear a pair of size 8 shorts the other day (however, I have some old Gap jeans size 10 that still give me a muffin top....) Today I'm wearing a size 14 skirt suit, and it is pretty baggy, but that's fine for me with skirts because my hips catch it, and it doesn't ride up high around my waist! ;) I'd like to eventually be firmly in a 6. From there, I can see maybe wanting to go down to a 4, but I'd like to hit my first goal (of weighing 130) and seeing what size I'm in and how I look and feel before deciding to (try to) lose more or drop another size or not.

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FABRAN05 Posts: 251
5/25/11 11:13 A

Ok, so a while back I asked what size do you wish you were? Some of us have lost weight and sizes since then. I was a size 22 when I posted the thread and am now a size 16. Have you went down any sizes since you started on this journey? If you dont mind sharing what has been your progress, starting size and current size?

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