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10/4/11 4:46 P

For quite a few months, I was doing a modified version of the Eat for your Blood Type diet. I felt better than ever and lost a lot of weight. I had a set back and stopped eating that diet and now I've gained weight, am sore and tired. Just so happens it virtually eliminates gluten and dairy. I may need to eliminate both again and add in one at a time to see what causes me problems. It was good to see this discussion. Thanks for the information.

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3/18/11 2:03 P

I haven't used Lactaid milk or Lactaid pills in something like 20 years. Just not worth it.

It takes months of trial and error to figure out not just how to pair pills with a particular item (e.g. glass of milk) along with overall consumption (how much cheese, sour cream, ice cream, milk, etc. have you had today / this week?). You figure it right, you're good, but you figure it wrong and it's suffering.

And it's expensive.

Plus I prefer to be vegan. There are so many plant-based ways to get calcium, cow milk totally isn't necessary.

But good to know information for people who want to consume dairy.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
3/18/11 1:54 P

Trilliantoo: You might want to be careful with lactaid pills. I found they caused VERY severe reactions for me (vomitting and diarhea at the same time--never fun!).

As for inexpensive lactose free milk, Real Goodness seems to be far less expensive than Lactaid (at least at my grocery it's always on sale--it's even cheaper than "regular" milk). It's also not as sweet as Lactaid (so it has less calories, too).

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3/18/11 1:41 P

GENUINELYLAF - hopefully a good pediatrician will know the questions to ask in such a way that your son can provide answers that will help.

I wanted to mention also that my symptoms didn't go away in a couple weeks, rather it was a couple weeks before I noticed the background rumble that was the lactose intolerance was gone.

Other symptoms I have had are runny nose and, er, rather noxious gas, and diarrhea.

One time I was at a restaurant and they SWORE there was no dairy in the food - and I spent 6 hours in the bathroom, only leaving because they couldn't close down the restaurant until I left.

I learned from that - next time my nose starts running, time to run home!

I don't eat cheese really, oh, if I'm out I'll have a taco with cheese on it, but I don't buy cheese anymore. I can eat pizza. I find that I do better with lesser quality cheeses, so for instance gourmet pizzas I don't do well with, but do better with mega chain pizza places.

Soft dairy (sour cream, ice cream, soft cheeses like brie, feta, or Mexican cheeses) are horrible. No cream pies either. No pasta alfredo. No creamy clam chowder or creamy cheesey cream of broccoli soup.

Well, I can have those things if I use vegan versions, or make my own with soy, rice, almond, hemp, or oat milk.

I suppose I could use Lactaid milk or Lactaid pills, but they're very expensive, and it's hard to get the right mix of pills to dairy to not have symptoms.

Good luck to you!

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3/18/11 12:31 P

Thanks for the comments everyone. There's a lot here I hadn't thought of.

JENG829 thanks for pointing out that grain-fed cows could be a problem - it is an interesting thought that I hadn't considered. I also wondered if it is not just one or the other, but a combination of both. I'm definitely going to try the elimination diet. I've been looking for a good resource on one if anyone knows of any.

POOKIE -- Stress!!! AH - I need to start keeping that info in my food log. My stress levels definitely wax and wane, and when I was feeling better, my stress levels were pretty low (partially because in my busy days I didn't need to think about making dinner - it was already planned!). It's amazing how many different factors can play in.

KEL_CE that sounds like what I was experiencing - I had no idea I could feel so good until the gluten and dairy were gone. 3 days - I can handle that! As of yesterday I am totally GF and DF so I'll manage with this for a couple of weeks then try to put something back in to see.

REDSHOES thanks for sharing the photos - that's pretty amazing. I am considering talking to my allergist to see if this is something else they can test for, if they haven't already. What are CAVE foods?

TRILLIANTOO I worry about that with my son... since he says he hurts at times but can't really describe where the pain is. I think it's off to the allergist for us both. What you went through sounds pretty horrible. JI'm glad you figured it out - and it's good to know that even intolerance can tolerate small quantities. Maybe that's what was going on when I was 'dieting' - the whey was probably a small enough quantity that it didn't affect me unless I added in other dairy (ice cream!).

Thanks again everyone - this is a huge help.

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3/18/11 12:26 A

I'm lactose intolerant.

Growing up we would frequently have cold cereal with milk for breakfast before school weekdays, pancakes or eggs, bacon, all that other more time consuming stuff on weekends.

We'd also have milk with dinner.

I'd often complain of stomach aches, pains, not feeling good. I was little at the time, so it was hard to know words to put to what I know now is bloating, gas, cramping, feels like my intestines are getting all twisted up, having this feeling like I just want to "go" but things won't go, not until it's their time.

It was miserable and would last for an hour or more. Usually I'd tell the teacher I'd have a tummyache, I'd go to the nurse, they'd call my Mom, and by the time my Mom got me home my tummyache was gone ... leading Mom to think I was making up excuses to get out of school and causing her distress at work.

As I got older, about 7 or 8, I learned to keep it quiet, and then I didn't think about it for over a decade. I just thought constant pain and discomfort was a part of life.

When I left home, I was pretty broke, so couldn't afford such "luxuries" as milk. So after a couple weeks ... WOW! No pain! No distress! No gas, bloating, other things that's TMI unless you need it!

Then I heard a radio doctor talking about lactose intolerance, and boom, there you go.

It was only thinking backwards on it that I remembered my earlier school days of tummy aches, a mad Mommy, and being punished for "lying". (After all, if I was really sick, I should still be sick, right? It won't go away in an hour or two or three, right?)

I cut out just about all dairy, but figured out I can have butter, and up to 2 oz of hard cheese (like cheddar) every day (or 3 oz every other day or so).

But in the last 3 years or so, when I eat cheese or other dairy (I had a bite of potato and mushroom from my Mom's creamy fish dish a few days ago), then my nose will itch, often my lips and cheeks itch too. It's a hard to describe itch, like many ants lightly running over my nose or cheeks.

That's new. I'm suspecting GMOs or some other hormone or chemical that has been given to the cattle, or added to the product, something not normal or natural.

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3/17/11 11:24 P

If I was thinking I was one of these two I would definitely get them checked by a allergies doctor..
They do a series of needles and stuff I have allergies to makes my skin itch like hell..

I have many CAVE foods and my youngest son has been many visits to a allergy clinic at our local hospital..
normal and happy
When he has eaten something, he has pain, breaks out in rashes, and his breathing is affected.. Even his hands swell..

Allergic reactions don't just make us feel cruddy they make my son and I sick so we go to the hospital..

Ours start with being sensitive and as we get explosed the attacks get worse.. Kiwi fruit can kill me and my youngest son.. He went CAVE with first exposure to it.. It took me several tastes to get that cruddy feeling and having it hidden in fruit salad to say bingo so I was on the floor.. With swollen face, closed eyes and breath complications..

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KEL_CE Posts: 1,988
3/17/11 5:51 P

I'm gluten intolerant and I had to try the gluten free diet to find that out. The good news is that I felt the difference in 3 days. Felt like a brand new woman actually!

I'm slightly lactose intolerant too but I found that out through cause and effect. I drink some milk and my bowels will sometimes rage haha.

The gluten intolerance isn't always so cut and dry. We become accustomed to feeling cruddy and I didn't realize how good I could feel until I cut the gluten. I wish you the best!

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3/17/11 5:43 P

You might just have to bite the bullet and cut one of those out, maybe ditch the wheat for 2 weeks, then reintroduce it. How do you feel mentally, physically? That's the only reliable way to tell. Then try the same thing with dairy. Unless you are happy with how you feel, of course.

My gluten sensitivity came to light after a few bad experiences eating seitan (pretty much 100% wheat gluten). Symptoms were much like POOKIE's, but long lasting, horrible. To confirm that, I did an elimination diet. When I reintroduced wheat after 2 weeks, my brain felt totaly foggy, I was tired, and had digestive issues. Question answered.

I should also mention that I always test negative for celiac disease, so that is not always reliable.

EDIT: I read your blog. It could be both, have heard of many people like that. And some people are able to handle raw milk or pastured dairy, in which the cows are grass-fed instead of grain-fed (makes sense to me). There are also a lot of people who are wheat sensitive that refuse to give it up... despite constant IBS-like symptoms. Hope you are able to figure out what is going on ... and feel healthy soon.

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,518
3/17/11 5:27 P

I became lactose intollerant through stress and after an illness killed off my natural flora.

Believe me when I say I KNOW what was going on... severe cramping, watery stools needed urgently after eating a portion of icecream/yogurt/milky coffee etc

*edit* to add, since my problem was stress and gut flora, after dealing with the stress (divorce) and taking a course of happy tummy bugs I am fine now.

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3/17/11 5:23 P

I posted a blog about trying to figure out whether it is gluten or dairy causing my symptoms -without having to go GFCF if unnecessarily. Is anyone gluten sensitive and/or dairy sensitive, and if so how did you determine what was causing the problem? What were your symptoms?

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