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4/18/12 5:53 P

It's pretty much seasoned cornstarch. My mom tried it for 6 months and actually gained weight while using it.

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MYZENIN10 Posts: 162
4/18/12 4:39 P

I have questions for Sulinf and Melodere:

@Sulinf - just a curiosity question - what does the sprinkles taste like? Are they salty or extra sugary? I've seen the commercials, and I've always wondered this. I guess I just don't get what they are supposed to do to your food to make you eat less. Honestly, because I've tried every fad diet, or infomercial out there I've finally given in to just plain ole exercise and diet. Eventually the cravings go away, it's just very hard to get through the detox period. If it works for you, great! Good luck on your journey!!

@Melodre - I'm trying to work my way back from an injury so I can start doing Insanity again, and try P90X. Can you tell me more about Shakeology and what it does for you? I've read the sales stuff from beachbody, but I like to get real feedback from actual users. I'm thinking of adding this to my meal plan as I do a lot of breakfast smoothies anyway.

MELODERE Posts: 11
4/18/12 4:12 P

That stuff weirds me out. Not a fan of "magic" diet products. I've had great success with my Shakeology keeping me from eating crap. It changes your cravings (you just don't want crud anymore and when you eat it, blech) and keeps you full. Nothing magic, just vitamins and good tummy stuff like probiotics. Anything like this Sensa just sets people up for failure most of the time.

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4/17/12 8:51 P

This stuff can't help you with cravings; it isn't even an appetite suppressant. It's a pointless seasoning that is operating on an unsound scientific principle.

If you're having cravings in the evening, you don't need magic sprinkles to solve that problem, you need to get to the root of the cravings. Either they're emotional, or because you aren't properly fueling your body during the day.

SULINF Posts: 2
4/17/12 8:29 P

I know all this but I still have time and so far like I said when I do remember it in the evenings I do eat less. What I am not sure if it is the shakers or a "mind over matter". I will post again in a week

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
4/17/12 6:37 P

Read the fine print. It's NOT really a free trial; it's a "some money back" guarantee. If you don't want it, you have to send it back at your own expense, and they keep the $4.95 you spent for shipping and handling. Worse yet, as soon as you ordered they signed you up for the subscription service, and if you don't contact them before the month is up, they keep shipping it and charging your credit card. And the 30 days starts from the day you ORDER it, not the day you receive it. You probably need to cancel it right away, or you'll have trouble getting the auto-ship stopped.

SULINF Posts: 2
4/17/12 4:46 P

I recently bought SENSA, right now it's a free month trial. I am not sure if it's helped a whole lot. but I often forget to sprinkle it. I also need help at evenings. i would be doing fine all day and when I get home I just crave but on the evenings that I do sprinkle, I have eaten less, not sure if it is because I'm more self aware then.

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3/30/12 10:38 A

It doesn't work anyway.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
3/30/12 10:06 A

Yep, if you see the ad again, send the details to and we'll get it removed.


Coach Jen

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,582
3/30/12 9:56 A

Send a message to Spark and they will take that ad down. I know Spark doesn't advocate using Sensa.

Spark doesn't go through their ads individually. So just because they are advertising it, doesn't mean they endorse it. I got ads for HcG drops on Spark before I blocked ads. I know that Spark is against HcG.

Sensa is really expensive and a waste of money. You could put pepper on your food for a lot less

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
3/30/12 9:08 A

I actually am surprised that Sensa ads are showing up for you. Maybe it's not on the blacklist for Spark...yet.

That's my way of saying - no, haven't tried it. And no...don't plan to.

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3/30/12 8:24 A

I see Spark is advertising Sensa.

Has anyone tried it? Does it help to reduce your appetite?

I know its not a long term solution but I need a little help, especially in the evening.

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