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10/1/13 1:11 P

Self-professed "foodie" here. Food is also ONE of my hobbies. I agree with the prior poster. I'm involved in a CSA where I get a community-sponsored agriculture bag each week, which both supports local farmers and helps me get fresher foods to cook with. I also enjoy going to farmer's markets ... hmmmm ... that's can also be a way to get some extra exercise.

What I'm trying to say is that food is not all bad unless your SOLE motivation is the eating piece. I enjoy the presentation and color of good, healthy, fresh foods, eating organic foods, etc. So it can be a hobby and be OK.

I also know many people who eat and/or put on weight to avoid dealing with emotional issues. You are the only person who can decide if that is you, or not. But you also got some great advice on how to figure that out ...

Did you know that on your tracker, there's a "notes" section. You can add notes about whatever you want. Might be helpful for you to add notes about how you're feeling each day or other things that will help you discover your motives for eating.

Keep reaching out and asking questions ... you're doing a good thing and being healthy in doing so ...

Good luck in your journey!!!

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10/1/13 10:36 A

It sounds like your divorce was traumatic, or at least has lingering effects. Have you considered counseling to sort that out? It's not uncommon for past events to affect the present in unexpected ways.

If you lose weight, you don't then have to enter into any relationships. You may (or may not) have more opportunities to date, but you don't HAVE to date anyone. You can just be you! If someone asks and you don't want to, you can say no.

In my experience, I pay way more attention to food and spend way more time cooking & planning menus when I'm trying to lose weight. Being a "foodie" is a legit hobby, there are lots of people who do it! But it doesn't necessarily involve eating or over eating. There's the shopping, the cooking, whether you eat organic or shop at farmers markets, or explore different cuisines.

But if all you're into is the eating itself - well, when I do that it's binge eating and I'm medicating my brain to keep from thinking about stuff I'm emotionally hiding from. That's just me, it may not be you. It's hard to break out from, but I've learned to make the effort. It was/is difficult, though.

Hope this helps.

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10/1/13 10:35 A

I think there are plenty of others that have had those same/similar feelings. I would recommend trying to journal your thoughts to help you process this and help you figure out more of what exactly might be going on. This can be something you do privately, but I really think it can help find what is really going on and even help you find a solution.

I would also recommend trying to find something that you like doing/might enjoy doing to help keep you busy. Maybe look for a group activity where you can meet new people and be more active in general and less focused on food and eating.

Hopefully someone who has experienced this will also post, but hopefully this will give you some ideas to get started in the right direction.

Coach Denise

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9/30/13 9:35 P

So, I'm thinking maybe I'm afraid to lose weight. (I haven't had a traumatic event in my past), but maybe I'm afraid of being thinner and getting into a relationship and being hurt. (I'm divorced 3 years and I've gained 30 lbs in that time).

Also, I think that the only thing I have to look forward to is food and eating. Can't think of any hobby or something I would rather do than eat.

Any advice, insight, or stories of previous similar experience would be helpfu.

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