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I love visualization

8/20/11 10:10 A

My bedroom, my refrigerator and my work out area are all full of inspiration and motivation. On my fridge I have posted a picture of myself in a bathing suit during one of the few times I was a healthy weight. It does work

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nice visualization!

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See It, Feel It, Taste It, Smell It, Hear It, Live It

Close your eyes and visualize how you will feel after you reach your goal. Evokes an emotional response! See it, Feel it, Taste It, Hear it, Smell it! Picture a scene that gets you pumped up. Experience it! Think about the opportunities you’ll have. Smile as you watch yourself living with more confidence and energy. Enjoying life! Research has shown that the body actually undergoes physiological changes when you use these techniques. : 7x / week Make it a SparkPeople daily goal.

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