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Welcome to Sparkpeople!

You CAN get that weight off. You are in the right place!

Being realistic is the first step forward in this journey. The nutrition and fitness trackers are so helpful. I think making your health a priority is a wonderful thing.

Poke around the site - try the exercise videos and demos, read the articles, try a few spark recipes, join a team or two of common interests/goals and read personal blogs. You can begin with one of mine:

Whatever you do - don't give up. The destination is not optional, the journey begins!

Press On!


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There's some great exercises available in SP that can be done in your office. I love the 12 minute ab routine.

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emoticon . to Sparking! . emoticon

To both give and receive support, I suggest joining and participating in at least one Spark TEAM. When you signed up, SP offered you a "Spark Class" which is a team for the newbies who signed up the week you did.

I found this Spark Quiz loaded with useful information for newbies:


2/7/12 1:33 A

Hi All,
Looking for support. I am a second time mom and over the course of two pregnancies, I gained 80 pounds. I'm desperate to take the weight off. I simply can't play with my children the way I have always wanted to. I have a sedentary job which makes things more difficult for me. Can't wait to hear from other parents.

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