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9/10/10 3:54 P

Me too. Both my husband and I lost over 20 pounds each back in 2007. We slipped and derailed during the holidays and spent all of 2008 gaining back practically all the weight we had lost. I'm finally back to the lowest weight I was the first time. This time we are serious. We AIN'T gonna let those holidays get to us this time. Good idea -- get your whole family involved with eating healthy! It's easier to cook and it has brought creativity out in all my family members with meal planning, recipes and cooking. Not only that, but it's a great tool in setting your little one(s) future lifestyle. Good luck this time. Do it!

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9/10/10 6:32 A

Like most all of you, the yoyo dieting has not worked for me -- otherwise I wouldn't be going down and then up, right?

I have been on and off of weight loss programs, diets, fads, quick fixes (that never lasted anyway), you name it. And I am just sooooooo tired of feeling awful, looking awful, and hurting.

I know I need help and support and am now learning to ask for it, although I am not sure WHERE to ask for it.

Here in England for nearly 6 yrs now, I really have no close circle of friends, nor a real support system.

I am praying that Spark can fill that void.

SAMI199 Posts: 17,990
9/10/10 5:56 A

I am a life-time yo-yo dieter-I must have lost a iooo lbs. over the years. I think it take more courage to try again when you know you could fail.
Fall down 7,get up 8. Good luck!
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9/9/10 11:59 A

Hi All, I'm a restarter as well. Its hard, but keep on keeping on! Keep trying, keep doing and don't give up! Never give up yourself. Like others say, if you just keep doing it, it will become easier and natural. Its hard to keep restarting and to keep gaining more weight but you must keep on trying. Read the spark book, its very motivatinal and makes alot of sense. My hardest thing is to keep coming back to the site and logging in my foods. One of my goals is to do just that. We are all in the same boat and here for each other which is so nice to have. Good luck.

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8/16/10 10:06 A

Wow! Nice to know I am not alone on this journey. Have a great Monday Everyone!

8/16/10 5:57 A

This is a restart for me too. Finding it much easier to stay on track at present.

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
8/16/10 3:40 A

this is no. one

8/16/10 2:36 A

This is my 4th time restarting. I'm already seeing a change, though. I think the iPhone app is helping me tremendously!

8/15/10 9:37 P

I'm with you...lost weight right away...kept with the exercise but not dieting...ready to try again

KETURAT Posts: 431
8/15/10 9:27 P

I think this is my 4th time restarting with definitely helps/works when I'm on, but I get busy with other aspects of my life. This time I'm working on learning habits and not 'dieting', and hopefully making permanent improvements instead of temporary changes.

Good luck! Keep coming back, no matter how long in-between emoticon

JENT327 Posts: 22
8/15/10 8:25 P


8/15/10 8:22 P

Just want to encourage you ... and cheer you on!! I've been back again a few times ... I think we often are very hard on ourselves when we have a bad day or fall off the plan, we quit ... my challenge is to learn to keep getting back on the plan, regardless if I fail ... that in itself is success!!!

Anyhow ... just know you aren't alone ... :)

CMCHAISSON SparkPoints: (28,968)
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8/15/10 10:52 A

Hi my name is Carolyn,
I am restarting Sparkpeople as well. I did well the first 3 months back in 2008. After that I had a series of life set backs that I allowed to derail me from my goals. Two weekends ago My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. I saw myself in family photos and wanted to cry. So I logged on to sparkpeople and did some reading. Yesterday I started tracking my food and bought a new bathing suit. Today I am starting to wear my step counter. It's small steps in the right direction that will get us all where we want to go. Thanks for giving me a group to share with. Looking forward to getting to know each of you.

TIJ-RAH Posts: 885
8/14/10 12:39 A


WENDINGO1 Posts: 162
7/31/10 8:40 A

Log that food and exercise..........Good luck

PAZUHO SparkPoints: (0)
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7/31/10 5:42 A

wish you do well this time :)

KATER-C Posts: 704
7/28/10 6:31 P

I'm re-starting too. I've kept logging in and exercising, but not recording food (or following a healthy eating plan). The good news is that I didn't gain weight during this several month time. The bad news is--I didn't lose any weight. Glad to meet others who are giving it another try.

AVARBERG Posts: 167
7/28/10 4:30 P

I'm newly restarting sp too! I'm blogging about the fast break strategies on my sparkpage (I'm a day behind! time to get writing...)

Anne in Mpls

7/28/10 3:31 P

Good Luck!
I have tried many times even here and failed, until I made exercise and food logging a habit! I am on my 48th day (it only takes 21 days to form a new habit)
I have lost 18 lbs! So you can do it if I can!!!

GWILLIA5 Posts: 39
7/28/10 3:07 P

The bad news: I didn't stick with my Spark program for very long the first time around.

The good news: Yesterday was my 46th birthday and I used it as an opportunity to get back into the game. I'm starting from scratch and moving forward.

More bad news: I gained around 5 pounds during my Spark hiatus and weighed 237 this morning. I remember when my father got to this size (ironically, around the same age as I am now). I remember thinking at the time that I would never let myself go like that, but here I am.

More good news: My wife has decided to join me in exercising more and making better food choices. This will remove some of the temptations in our house. Hopefully, I can convince her to start on Spark as well.

Wish me luck!

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