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7/14/14 12:43 P

Thank you. I am showing the office girls this great site. Maybe get some of them to register and do it with me.

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7/14/14 12:42 P

Thank you for the encouragement and great advice. I am just trying not to gain any weight from quitting. So far so good.

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7/13/14 11:11 P

emoticon SUNIGAL and emoticon to SparkPeople...Nice to have you with us on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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7/13/14 8:21 P

emoticon Congratulations on taking this awesome step toward a healthy life. emoticon quitting... it's the hardest thing you'll ever do. Promise. Losing weight is SO MUCH EASIER. So that's the good news!

Losing the weight will be more about what you eat than how much you move, although the more you can try to move, the better. Can you get up every half hour for a quick walk around your floor, at the very least? Can you stand while you make some of your phone calls instead of sitting? There are also some good videos here with exercises you can do in your chair while you're working...

I got a step tracker and it really helped me to go from an average of 3,000 steps a day to 10,000. You can even get free ones sometimes from the AHA or similar organizations... they're cheap, and the activity trackers are better, but hey-- free.


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7/13/14 8:08 P

Hello all, I am glad to be part of this community. Recently bouncing back from heart trouble. Haven't smoked in a month...went cold turkey. Looking to loose about 50lbs. I work in an office setting in sales. So I don't get to move much. I'm still on oxygen at night so as you can see I am one whacked out individual that has got to get off my rear and get back in shape. So here we go....... emoticon

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