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2/20/14 8:03 A

Hi, thank you for your responses.

You both are right. The more I think about it twice a days for someone who'd never done yoga is excessive. And I certainly can't call myself 'in shape'. There is a good chance the bulk of my problem is doing too much.

I didn't necessarily feel dirty or nasty after sweating and I don't generally have skin allergies. One poster explained it in a way that made sense to me- Hot/Warm yoga helps your body sweat and push out toxins, it also opens your pores and makes your skin more sensitive to toxins that would normally be of little consequence.

I'm guessing the heat, sweat, initial lack of water,new synthetic yoga mat and perfume were the time bomb that blew my skin up (I used to wear perfume to Zumba all the time and sweat with no reaction, not so with Warm Yoga).

The chest pains have me a little concerned, I do remember pushing too hard and fast and feeling very uncomfortable strain while trying to keep up.

I have to remember to be mindful of the compassionate over competitive in yoga.

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2/20/14 6:36 A

I agree with the previous poster that yoga twice a day is probably too much, even if you're already in shape. Could you be having some kind of allergic reaction that's causing your symptoms? It could be something as simple as the cleaning products they use at the yoga studio, or anything else that's different than what you're normally exposed to. If you're having chest pain, that's something you'd want to get checked out by your doctor right away, especially if it continues.

Coach Jen

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2/20/14 5:47 A

2 classes a day is WAY too much. As for your skin, I guess YMMV, but I find that hot yoga sweat feels more cleansing than running sweat (this is totally my opinion and no scientific background) and I have simply changed into dry clothes after class and gone home and was fine without showering for hours.

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2/20/14 3:39 A

Hello Spark people,

I am brand new to yoga and tho I love it I've run across some trouble. I hope you may be able to help me find some clarity. This is long so please bear with me.

I am very new to yoga. Actually I've never done it before. One day on the radio when I heard a local studio was offering a special of '30 Days of yoga for $30' it seemed like a GodSend. I had never been interested in yoga, but lately I've been looking for some ways to confront my life-long struggles with anger and depression. I figured if anything yoga would help and for $30/ 30 days I couldn't afford not to try it.

-I began this past Sunday (2/16) with an 11AM Gentle yoga Meditation mix
I liked it. The breathing was challenging, the poses were sometimes difficult, but I liked it and was happy with my choice to begin this practice.

-Decided to push myself Monday (2/17) with a 6AM Warm Power Flow
The class description stated it was safe for all levels so I felt confident it'd be fine. Only thing is I forgot about water. I forgot to bring any with me and I forgot to drink it before I came. About halfway thru the class I began to feel the 85 degree exercise all over me and thought I just might fall to the floor. I excused the thought and kept moving until a few minutes later when I HAD to go get water. Hydrated, I returned and pushed thru. All was well. I didn't bother to shower when I got home as I knew I'd be returning shortly for 11AM Gentle Yoga and Meditation and then a 12:15 Meditation Intro.

My boyfriend suggested I was overdoing it. I said not so.

-Pleased with my experiences the day before I attended 6AM Warm Power Flow Tue (2/18)
This time I remembered to drink water and bring some as well. There was a different instructor this time who moved faster. The heat and poses proved difficult and somewhat strenuous but I made it thru. Went home for a spell and returned for 11AM Gentle Yoga and Meditation. Took a shower, then a nap.

Around 1 pm my skin began to itch all over. I didn't know why since I'd already showered. Also I began to notice mild pain in my chest- similar to heartburn. The pain came and went infrequently, but the itching persisted and was intense (I rarely have skin issues).

After a google search I concluded my mistake was not showering immediately after the Warm Yoga. Articles/blogs suggested that all the toxins sweated out will return in the skin if not cleaned immediately.

My skin was reeling. In the middle of the night I woke with my entire body (except my face) red and covered with hives. There felt like there was a fire under my skin. I showered and put aloe and avocado oil on- no relief. I showered again later and put on lotion with ginger oil (natural antihistamine) still no relief. All day long I was miserable until finally I went to the store and bought a Red Clay bath detox and an Oatmeal soothing mix. After an our in the bathtub the itching did subside some....some.

So now its almost 4AM. I cannot sleep because my skin is still screaming at me and whats worse I'm still having these concerning spontaneous chest pains.

My question to you is this- do you think this is happening because I'm a beginner and pushed myself to hard and too fast? or maybe my body is too sensitive for warm yoga? I appreciate the opportunity this practice is given to challenge my body and spirit, but am unwilling to take any risks at all with my health. I don't want to feel like I'm too weak to do yoga...

I am a 27 year old female. I do Zumba fairly regularly so I am in decent shape. Not stellar, but decent. 160 lbs 5'6.

What is your opinion? Is any of this common?

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