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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/10/03 12:02 P

Well then, Sean needs to take the Girl Scout Peanut Butter Cookie versus the Nabisco Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Taste Test. Maybe Elizabeth Hand can scrounge up some of those Girl Scout wonders even though the GS Cookie Season has already gone by. My work group did this taste test this year. Some people couldn't tell a difference but the ones who could voted for Girl Scout cookies.

SP_COACH_JOE Posts: 7,941
4/9/03 10:09 P

He forgot to tell you the most important thing about himself... he LOVES peanut butter. So just call him P-BUTT!

There's a reason he's with that wonderful woman of his!

SMCCOSH Posts: 390
4/3/03 12:05 P

Hi All,

I too am excited about being a SparkPeople Employee.

Hmmm.....a little about me. I am Married to a wonderful woman, Kate McCosh, (who is more than I deserve) and I've got great friends and family. I'm originally from Bellbrook, Ohio but have lived in Cincinnati since 1996.

I'm on my 30th straight day of working out and am excited to be a part of the SparkPeople Fitness Adventure. It's really done a lot for my energy levels and mental and physical stamina. My weight is around the same but I've been turning fat into muscle.

When I'm not working on SparkPeople stuff or working on my own "entrepreneurial" projects, I enjoy doing "outdoorsy" things and particularly love snow skiing and fly-fishing. I also enjoy helping small businesses and new entrepreneurs create their own entrepreneurial success stories, so I try to find time to give back in that capacity.

Overall life is good. Busy but good. Which is how it should be I think. To all of you reading....Thanks for joining the SparkPeople Community. I hope you all exceed your goals!

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