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7/28/13 3:18 P

Perhaps you could avoid the vending machines completely. Use the break to munch on some of the healthy snacks everyone has listed while taking a 10 minute walk outside in fresh air. If the weather is intemperate, scout out walking paths you can take through the building that by-pass those tempting machines. Exercise energizes us!

I drink iced tea for energy. No sugar - just ice, tea and lemon. Bring that or black iced coffee in a thermos.

Good luck with school in the fall!

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/28/13 2:21 P

As for avoiding the machines, just make it a rule that you won't do it. If you have to, empty your wallet of coins and dollar bills so you CAN'T use the machines.

It's not just about nutrition; it's about being financially responsible. A can of soda is 35 cents or less if you buy it on sale in the supermarket, but at least a dollar and usually $1.25 in a machine. The same is true for a granola bar or a little packet of almonds, etc. If you just buy two items every class day, that's $160-$180 EXTRA per semester that you're spending on your snacks. If you're buying three snacks per class, you're up to about $240 or more. That would pay for most of your books and/or fees, or a gym membership, or half your health insurance. And that's just by buying the same snacks at the grocery instead of the machines. I can't think of any other way you can make $200+ a semester without working!

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7/28/13 3:07 A

What time is your class and do you plan on having dinner there or just snacks?
No drain tuna or salmon
Grilled chicken salad
Standard deli turkey sandwich
Nut butter sandwich
Hummus and veggie
Snack ideas almonds, string cheese or cottage cheese, whole grain crackers, veggies, fruit, yogurt
If you get in the habit of fueling yourself properly you may find after the initial of stopping soda you wont need it. I am not sure how often you are having a soda but could you have 1 at school?

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7/27/13 5:58 P

The school does have a microwave, however I'm always afraid to open it for fear of finding what may be inside. I swear no one cleans up when they make a mess.

7/27/13 5:52 P

Pack your own...
Invest in a good insulated lunch sack with ice pack.
Pack veggies and dip
sugar free pudding
1/2 turkey sandwich on whole wheat.
cheese sticks and crackers
pouch tuna

You could also take a thermos of hot soup, sugar free hot chocolate.

Take water to drink, diet drinks, hot tea.

Take 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn. Can you microwave at school? Or pop it beforehand.


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7/27/13 5:40 P

With just a few weeks left before I start my fall semester at school, I'm a little worried about my eating habits. My classes are all evening classes, which means I'm tired, I need something to keep me awake and alert, so I eat.

The school has a cafeteria in the main student building (which I will pass by for every single class of mine) as well as vending machines in every building. My classes tend to get long and the second I get a break, I'm headed for the machines.

What are good snacks to get from a vending machine as well as drinks? I've been told I need to cut back on soda, which I have been doing...since I've been on break. Is there another drink that will give me the boost I need without the calories?

Better yet, how do I avoid the temptation of making a beeline for the machines?

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