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1/13/13 8:12 P

Some children take everything a teacher says very seriously. I have seen children (even young hungry ones) throw food away based on a comment from a trusted friend or adult. While some schools have a great food program, others have terrible programs. In situations like the OP's situation you don't have to first approach the teacher. She correctly reported the problem to the building principle. If the building principle didn't respond adequately the OP can go directly to the school board or superintendent. It can also be posed as I have seen this, can we do something about it?
I've worked in a lot of programs where our children are required to bring lunches. While we always encourage healthy selections, and sometimes supplement with milk or fruit, we can't make disparaging comments or stop a child from eating the unhealthy choices that a parent has packed. In one instance a 2 year old child brought 1 can of pop, 1 Capri-sun, a snack size bag of Cheetos, a lunchable (that he refused to eat), and some sort of cookies. No matter how much we hated giving this little boy this horrible lunch (since all he had was sugary drinks, Cheetos and cookies), we were required to give it to him. In the same classroom another child brought a fresh vegetable sometimes with a dressing or dip, fresh cut fruit, a few crackers or pretzels, and a healthy entree (half a sandwich, salad with chicken, tuna, or beans, some sort of pasta with tofu or meat). The best part? The little boy with the healthy lunch ate every bite of his lunch.
If children are expected to make healthy choices then they need to offered healthy choices, and must be taught how to make healthy choices. If the only selections for a hot lunch are unhealthy options and a child receives free lunches they have no other options.

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1/11/13 9:57 A

Our school has these fabulous chicken caesar salads. I have one probably 3-4 days a week.

1/11/13 6:56 A

@O.P. - you should know that there is a chain of command to follow and I suspect most parents don't know this; you first talk to the personnel involved, the teacher in your case, then if that goes unsolved then the principal, if that gets you nowhere then the superintendent and finally if that doesn't get results then the school board. Go to the next school board meeting (they hold both public and private meetings so you'll need to know which one is for the public) and report your findings to them. School Boards are ELECTED officials that the local community votes for so get to know them, they are ordinary folks and more likely than not are NOT educators and they are more likely to have an open ear to hearing your plight about teachers picking on kids and getting way more lunch time than students.

This is not a secret I'm telling you, it's public knowledge, don't sit there and type away your complaints about teachers and/or school lunches, send an e-mail to the school board, you can find their email addresses on the school district's website. Your complaint will HELP teacher's become aware of the public's concern and correct it, NO TEACHER is the "bad guy", they are the "GOOD GUYS" but today's society paints them as such due to false perceptions laid out by stupid talk radio pundits....THEY are the "bad guys".

For teachers that are reading this - ......and so it goes, the continuing reason why schools need more funding than ever for better education tools, smaller classes, and obviously PR efforts, the public thinks we're the enemy.............

My 11th grade science teacher was the enemy because he failed me my first semester all because I didn't do the homework and refused to take the tests. I realized later in life that he wasn't the enemy, I was too stupid to realize that he wanted me to succeed, he gave me chance after chance to make up the work but I thought he was harrassing me, what an idiot I was. My youngest came home with a low math grade in 4th grade and when I asked the teacher what was happening she told me that my daughter wasn't handing in her homework. Ah-HA! A miscommunication between my ex-wife & I so I sat down with her (and still do in 8th grade) and help her with her homework, she hasn't had a problem since.

WE ALL need to raise our children and stop this insanity thinking that the SCHOOLS are responsible for raising them, they are responsible for teaching them academic skills and making sure they understand the concepts, us parents are responsible for CONTINUING that process at home.

@OP - You now have the knowledge to do what you must to REPORT those people responsible for picking on kids. Teachers are no more scpecial than anyone else, if they're "bad" then they must be reported.

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1/10/13 9:18 P

Well, this is just my opinion...
I'm not a teacher and I don't work at a school, but I've never met a kid who will stop eating a chicken nugget, corn dog or anything else they like because someone says it's gross. In fact, if I said that to my nephew, he'd probably laugh and eat it faster. If the kids choose to not eat their lunches, they are probably either not hungry or they, themselves, agree that the lunches are nasty. To imply that kids are starving themselves because some teachers said some of the school lunches looked icky and to try and rally parents against them...well, it seems more than a bit much.

I think it's not right to try and cause trouble for people over every single thing. I think it's silly that anyone would think that someone would have to be so politically correct as to not say a school lunch item looked gross or icky or whatever. I think that people are entitled to have opinions, including teachers. Overall, I think that teachers seem to be people who get judged and picked apart for every little thing.

Again, just my opinion about things in general.

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1/10/13 8:30 P

What horrible comments! I have volunteered in our cafeteria and never heard that! Our schools do have a lot of healthy options, but especially in the older grades the "fast food" style options are most popular. My kids never wanted to bring a lunch, but instead liked the lunch offered at school. In high school my son likes to go to the culinary program's "restaurant" instead of the caf, the line is shorter and he likes the food better. And it's about the same price. emoticon emoticon

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1/10/13 7:46 P

Yes, I did mention this to the principal..she did nothing and seemed as if she was to busy to even care! I was pretty much told to mind my own business since I am "only a volunteer" and not a school employee. I'm trying to get word out to parents..strength in numbers!

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1/10/13 5:54 P

As a teacher I was very upset at the reported behavior. For many that is the only food for the day. Our lunches are great and there is always options on the salad bar. (Not always salad) I have the added problem of wanting the lunch. My goal this year is to not buy lunch although on duty days it is much easier. I hate to see the lunches dumped untouched from students. We have several kids who eat nothing at lunch. Upsetting. At least one parent said her daughter chows down at home but not in front of friends. yikes. Some kids bring a whole box of chips, bars, candy etc. We are NOT allowed to address this with students. It is not our decision. I encourage kids to take the apples, cheese sticks, etc. instead of dumping. Snack for the afternoon. As a staff we addressed with administration that our junior high kids did not have enough. We now have sandwich options for them to make. Lean meats, cheeses, and whole grain breads. They can eat them instead or with lunches. It helped afternoons. I have a special ed classroom and there is always cereal, fruit, crackers, or granola bars for those who do not bring snack or are hungry. Our school won a grant to offer healthy tastes of food. Monday was star fruit, Tuesday-turnip, today- strawberries. Last Friday was Fennel salad. Gives them a chance to taste and experiment with new healthy foods. Awesome.

1/10/13 5:11 P

Every school in this country pretty much operates the same in regards to lunch time, the teachers get to eat the same time as their kids and not a minute more (maybe a few minutes less though because they have to leave the faculty lounge early to pick up their kids from the lunchroom).

Okay, MY turn: I would pack my daughters lunch when she would see the menu, that the school provided online, and didn't like it. I would then pack her a lunch; a protein, a slow carb, a fast carb and a bottle of water with a single Crystal Light packet. She liked what I packed, she didn't complain to me. In my opinion it's not the school's job to feed my kids, its MY job. It's our job.

If the original poster wanted to just vent about teachers then she just ought to have stated that at the beginning of the thread rather than make an excuse to say something bad about professionals through school lunches.

Jeezsh, no wonder our best & brightest stay away from teaching, they're easy targets.

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1/10/13 5:01 P

Wow, I would report that. My kids refuse to eat school lunch. They said can we be cold lunchers, we don't like what the school serves. I guess the food is crappy all over. I personally noticed my kids gained weight when they were eating it and then lost it when they no longer ate that stuff.

My kids only get a 15 min lunch which I don't think is right and they are always starving when they get off the bus. I bet the teachers get 30 min. I just think it's ridiculous 15 min. Teaches the kids to gulp there food and hurry hurry hurry. Maybe this is the school's way to deal with childhood obesity.

1/10/13 3:34 P

Failure to report such incidents to the building principal makes you an accessory. Teachers are "professionals" and ought to be treated as such inCLUDING when their behavior is unbecoming of a professional.

I work at an elementary school and I have never witnessed "professionals" say/do those kinds of things but I have heard PTO Moms do it. Our school lunches are the best and are mostly made from scratch, the head cafteria lady is the sweetest woman.

My only trouble with our school lunches is that they are SO TEMPTING to eat but alas, I eat my bland tasting tuna, jalapeno, sweet relish, salad dressing mix with unsalted saltine crackers.


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1/10/13 3:14 P

That is so sad. My daughter won't eat anything but cold lunch, even though our cafeteria food is actually pretty good here. Even when she has time to eat her whole lunch, she still comes home hungry every day. It's a long time between 10:15 and 4:30 when she gets off the bus. How horrible if you felt guilty for eating anything...

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1/10/13 1:56 P

I volunteer at a local school cafeteria, I often witness TEACHERS make rude comments to grade school children about the lunch selection- ewwwwww! You EAT that popcorn chicken/ pizza, corn dog etc ( fries and fruit/pudding cup are mostly the sides), or other rude comments in front of, or to the kids as to what is served, and portions small due to cutbacks and increase in students. OK, perhaps this is the type of food many parents cringe at, but it is ALL their Child has to eat until dinner. I see kids toss their food trays in the trash and and walk away without eating because of such comments. Most schools have no control over food content, food is ordered and shipped to all the schools. I have seen TEACHERS take away lunchbox items packed from home telling the child it is Not a healthy choice and they are NOT permitted to eat it, sometime being the entire lunch! So Please, when your child comes home from school tired, cranky, they may be Hungry from Not Eating! Please talk to your child and tell them if this happens to Them, to Tell You when they come home. Insure them telling you is ok, that the child is doing Nothing wrong. Then you can take it from there. Thanks for reading-Needed to vent after seeing another child place her lunch in the trash after such a comment..

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