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3/28/13 4:41 P


No, you're not crazy, but like many of us you do have some self doubts. and that really is perfectly normal. How many of us have gained, lost and regained the weight ? Well, that's the past.

I'll be honest with you, keeping the weight off isn't easy. It takes time, but you need to experiment in order to find the right balance of food/exercise to keep the weight off. Don't beat yourself up if you do regain a little weight. Give yourself some leeway !! say + or - 3/5 pounds in either direction. we all need a bit of breathing room, so to speak.

You don't have to be so strict with your eating habits that you refuse a piece of cake, but you do still need to be mindful of your portions. It's okay to indulge, but don't over indulge too often. Remember, this isn't a diet. All the habits you adopted to take the weight off, you'll need to keep it off.

Are you a member of any of the Spark Maintenance teams ? If not, you should join one. Talk to other members in maintenance. They'll provide further support when you need it. I've been maintaining for years, we all need some support every now and then.

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3/28/13 1:30 P

Something that may help you is to establish some *new* goals regarding health and fitness other than weight loss or maintenance. Perhaps you can focus on running a 5K, or getting a certain amount of exercise in each day, or even strive to go each day with getting a certain number of fruits and veggies or something. It may distract you and help you in your lifelong journey to good health.

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3/28/13 1:27 P

From your tracker, it looks as though our journeys are similar. I started out at 264 years ago and just reached my goal a couple of weeks ago. I used to be terrified that I'd gain again, but one day I realized that just because other people lost 50, 60, 70+ lbs and then gained it back didn't mean I had to. I determined that it was truly was a life change for me and that maintenance would be no different. For one, it took me a long time to lose 125 lbs, and I have settled into very healthy habits. But the other thing is that I always ate real food and fit the treats that I love to have in on occasion and in moderation.

So really, the only thing that I could do to send me back to that place would be to start binge eating again. That's not going to happen because I still manage my environment to keep the opportunities for binging at an absolute minimum. I know myself well enough to know that I STILL can't go get a large pizza and take it home because I have that fat girl in me that would LOVE to eat 4-5 slices, take a break, and go back for more. But i can have a personal size pizza or go get a slice or two. I can live this way, and I will live this way. I still track. I still eat healthily 90% of the time, and I can go get Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts if I have a sudden, inexplicable craving for them every now and then on MY terms, which means never on a whim, but consciously making the decision that, yes, I think I'd really like to have a pop-tart. This life is livable. Find a way to live that is sustainable and that doesn't deprive you of the treats you like in moderation. But always be aware of your tendencies and stay on top of them.

3/28/13 12:42 P

Take your fear and channel it into action. Use your strength to focus on being healthy.

When I hit my goal weight, I have every intention of staying here on SP and tracking all my food and exercise...probably forever. I don't want to slip back into the habits that got me into this mess.

You are definitely not crazy. You recognize that there's a problem. Take everything you've learned on your journey and make sure that you stay at your goal weight forever!

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3/27/13 10:12 P

No, you are not crazy, it was hard to get where you are now, and you want desperately to protect your hard work. You did a great job, try to enjoy it and feel good about yourself, my guess is that you have developed some healty habits that will stick with you

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3/25/13 5:32 P

If you're crazy than I must need to be locked up in the loony-bin right with you because I'm not even at goal weight and I'm already having all these random thoughts about how on earth I've managed to get to this point and what makes me think the weight's not just going to come back again. I'm not even talking, because of anything I do or don't do. I'm talking pure magic, like I wake up one morning a little bit bloated, and my pants are ever so slightly less loose than yesterday, and I step on the scale needing to reassure myself that I haven't mysteriously gained 10 pounds of pudge overnight. That sort of thing.

It's not actually to the point of scaring me, but it is a seriously, seriously strange way to be feeling.

I put my faith in the process, and if I just keep doing what I have been doing and stay honest, I will continue to succeed. Maybe that will help.

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3/25/13 4:53 P

No, you're not crazy! You're sensible and wise!

It's good to be concerned about maintaining your hard-earned healthy weight.

Whatever you did to reach your goal weight was not some temporary project that you can forget about now.

You worked hard to develop a nutrition and exercise routine that you can follow for the whole remainder of your life. It never ends, and that's a GOOD thing!

On the other hand, did you achieve your goal by following a restrictive routine that will be difficult to maintain? If yes, then every day read and follow that great advice about how to maintain your weight and achieve balance in your nutrition and balance in your life.

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3/25/13 4:47 P

I think it's good to be a little bit scared. Because it shows that you care. You always do have to be vigilant, when people let things go back to "normal" that's when weight regain happens.

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3/25/13 4:44 P

I am at my goal weight, and i am scared to death that I am going to mess up and be obese again. I don't know why I feel this way, but I can't get these thoughts out of my head. It seems like I can't relax. When I do relax, I feel like I am not vigilant and will eat wrong things and gain all of my weight back...

am I crazy?

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