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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
5/29/13 1:02 P

I wonder if it has something to do with your monthly cycle?

222NICHOLE SparkPoints: (9,845)
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5/29/13 11:49 A

That's an interesting weight loss pattern. I'm not exactly sure how that happens. But I think it's great that you also pay attention to energy and your clothes. It is also hard for me to stay motivated during scale lulls but the thing that helped me was buying a scale that also measures pounds of muscle, water percentage, and body fat percentage. That helps me to see whether my weight is staying the same because of gaining muscle or retaining more water even as I am still losing fat. I would suggest getting a scale like that if you lose motivation during the lulls or if you are curious to see what is responsible for that pattern. Otherwise you can just keep in mind that all of these factors play a part in your weight and focus on your energy and fit of your clothes like you are doing. And if you end up losing the right amount of weight according to your calorie deficit then I wouldn't let it get to you. Just keep reminding yourself that the scale will eventually go down and be correct even if the pattern seems weird. And try not to weigh yourself every day! (I have a problem with that too though, so I understand).

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5/29/13 11:33 A

Our weight is not a static number. It's a vital sign, like your blood pressure or body temperature! It will fluctuate as much as 5-10 lbs in a single 24 hour period. Most of those changes are related to fluids; you're not really gaining or losing fat in a single day, rather you're holding on to or releasing fluids. This number can be affected by how much sleep you get, hormone levels (ever notice you tend to gain weight during your period?), your sodium intake (that's my big one), and more. That's why Sparkpeople recommends just weekly weigh ins.

one technique a loto f people use to combat this is a weekly average. Weigh daily, but record an official average of your 7 day period on one day.

It's also important to weigh at the same time, under the same circumstances.

This is all perfectly normal, and how your body works. :)

PSYCHOTAZ Posts: 2,234
5/29/13 11:05 A

I also have this same problem. I have fluctuated around the same weight for a couple months now. I am spinning twice a week as long as weight training, and I know I am getting fitter, because my clothes fit much better.

I still check my weight to make sure I don't gain, but I don't rely on that for motivation any more. I know I am building muscle and losing inches so that is what keeps me motivated.

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5/29/13 10:06 A

Also remember that muscle weighs more then fat, you could be gaining muscle emoticon

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5/29/13 9:49 A

Weight loss is not a linear process (despite the fact that we all wish it was :P). I can drop 5 pounds in a week and then not see the scale move for another month or 2 so I totally know how you feel. I've learned to put more emphasis on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and the speed/strength gains I see during my workouts. Its hard not to believe I'm getting fitter when I add 10lbs to my squat weight and my pants fit looser even though my weight stays the same.


ELORA101 Posts: 427
5/29/13 9:28 A

Hey there,

So I aim to weigh myself twice a week (though I usually get anal and do so almost every day). I have this weird tendancy to maintain EXACTLY the same weight for about 2-3 weeks and then BAM, almost overnight I will drop 2-3 pounds.

My tendency to be anal also means I keep a spreadsheet of calories. When I figure it all out (calorie deficit by week/3,500 calories to lose a pound), I am right on track, but
1. It is weird that I drop the weight in 2-3 days instead of gradually
2. It makes it really hard to stay motivated in the middle of a 3 week span of NOTHING (though it is super rewarding to see it move 3 lbs in 3 days).

I also measure my waist and pay attention to more important factors, like how much energy I have and how my clothes fit. But the whole scale thing is weird-- anyone else have this? How have you stayed motivated during those scale lulls?

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