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10/10/12 12:59 P

The last time I had a check-up I weight myself on my scale before I left and then compared it to the drs. scale to see how close they were, they are only 2 lbs. off. But I agree with you that weight loss shouldn't just be about the pounds. If you are more physically active, some of that fat is turning into muscle and that weighs more, but doesn't take up as much room in the clothes (to a certain point, we don't all want to look like Arnie!!!!). But they way your clothes fit is a much better indicator that you are losing the unhealthy parts and gaining healthy parts. Keep it up!!!!


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10/10/12 12:50 P

I can totally relate! I would get so frustrated with the scale that I would cry if I gained 1 ounce from day to day. I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks, and I'm fine with that!

I can tell a difference in how I feel overall, my face seems to be thinning out a bit more (people have said so!), and I can now button my favorite jean skirt!

Those mean more to me than a number on the scale. I may weigh myself next week, or during my routine doctor appointment in 2 months. Who knows?

Good luck to you! Throw that scale away!!! Or..... at least put in the back of the closet for awhile! Ha! emoticon emoticon

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10/10/12 12:45 P

Okay, so I have always disliked the scale and following numbers. Well today I weighed myself and it makes no sense what so ever and my dislike, okay it is a deep down dirty hate, has only increased because I started out at 178 last week but today I weighed in at 180. I do not like going by a weight because that is so temperamental depending on too many variables. I already feel like my stomach has shrunk by eating better and getting my butt moving. So I'm almost on the verge of throwing the scale out the window and just going by my measurements. Because to me when my I have to move a hole in on my belt tells me a lot! Plus it's that time of the month and I know I'm bloated and holding water. But can that equal gaining two pounds? I don't think I'm going to weigh myself again until it is time to measure myself. Maybe if I give it some time, it will balance the numbers out. Okay, thanks for listening, I'm done venting! :)

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