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7/3/13 8:13 P

Pizza is by far the most difficult food for me to turn away after the planned limit has been reached! Who ever heard of eating just two pieces!!!!!

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SLRASSLL Posts: 136
7/3/13 7:52 P

I know just how that is! I planned for pizza but usually can't stop when I should. Tonight for the first time I did!

LUCKYNUMBER25 Posts: 343
4/3/13 10:30 P

That would've been sooo hard for me! Great job!

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
4/3/13 10:07 P

I know how hard it is to say no sometimes , and you did it, emoticon
Keep the momentum going.

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
4/3/13 9:59 P

I so get it. I was at a friend's for dinner Monday eve and she offered wine and I said yes to a half glass only as I knew that I'd be over my calories with the meal anyway and decided to manage with the alcohol intake. It feels so good doesn't it?

I know people who can have a candy dish sitting on the coffee table and let them go stale. I would never let that happen, even if I had to ration them daily. Chuckle.

4/3/13 10:14 A

I'm very impressed! That truly is a great accomplishment... keep up the great work emoticon

4/3/13 7:04 A

Thanks so much for the support! My boyfriend was actually super supportive-- I felt a little rude saying that I'd already eaten because I didn't want him to think I was unappreciative, but he totally understood.

If roles had been reversed and I had brought something for him and he had refused, I would had been overly sensitive and had my feelings hurt! I'm so glad he was so understanding :)

Thanks again everyone! :)

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (64,357)
Fitness Minutes: (72,489)
Posts: 1,925
4/3/13 1:16 A

JH21164, Wow! That was a biggie! I am so curious: How did your boyfriend respond? He is familiar with a different response, so to get this new response, well, I can only imagine his was totally surprised. Really, I am so impressed by you! You are destined for great success.

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4/2/13 11:33 P

Way to go! It's great that you're consciously thinking about where you are with regards to your calories for the day before digging in.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/2/13 9:43 P

YEAHHH what a great new rush that is!!!! Great job!!!

Just wait till you haven't had pizza in a month then go to eat one, it will taste uber nasty!

Your body will thank you!

4/2/13 9:13 P

I am not usually one to brag about accomplishments, but I said no to my biggest trigger food! My boyfriend brought home my favorite pizza as a surprise tonight but I'd already tracked/eaten my calories for the day and had even brushed my teeth! I said a big thank you to make sure I sounded grateful and promised I'd plan for it and have some for dinner tomorrow. Before joining this site I would've chowed down on a few slices regardless of the fact I'd already eaten dinner! Feeling very proud at the moment :)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day, as well!

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