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4/17/14 12:11 P

I make quite a bit at home. I use the vinegar and soda for cleaning and like it a lot. I've tried the clothes soap, but found the clothes got dingy after a while - even my kids noticed it. I read that if your water is hard the soap used causes that. What is purchased uses detergent instead. I also make a lot of food myself. I agree that then I know what is in it and figure it cuts out a lot of additives and chemicals. I also read that one family decided that they wouldn't cut out any foods - they would just make it themselves. That in itself helped them cut back because much fast, easy food isn't fast and easy if you make it yourself. So you eat it less. But the other approach has good points too - it would be better to buy and eat one brownie than make a whole pan and end up eating that. As for saving money - some things are definitely cheaper. Bread in the bread machine saves us lots, as well as almost any recipe as opposed to buying the food ready made or processed for convenience.

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4/17/14 11:27 A

chicken broth

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4/12/14 11:32 P

Vinegar makes a great cleaner. It is good for everything it seems

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
4/11/14 5:03 P

I make a semi-homemade cleaner out of 1/2 blue dawn dish soap and 1/2 vinegar. I guess it costs less than buying a bunch of cleaners from the store, but the reason I do it is because it really gets my showers and sinks clean...toilets too. Sometimes, I spray it on my glass shower door and leave it as long as overnight (you've got to shut the door, though, because it has a strong vinegary smell). I keep it in a spray bottle so I can easily spray it on, let it sit a bit then brush and rinse.

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4/11/14 4:56 P

I think I saw a recipe for the He machines on YouTube. Plus, the laundry detergent doesn't lather or suds, and you use very little and it should be okay. But I'll believe the users on the natural site would know.

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4/11/14 12:37 P

Can you use homemade laundry soap in a high efficiency washing machine?

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4/11/14 12:47 A

My fave homemade money savers:
baked goods (give as gifts)
baby food
party trays
bday cakes

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4/10/14 1:53 P

That's a good idea. Will look into making laundry soap. I've made bar soap before and that turned out well.

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4/9/14 3:14 P

I've never had good results from vinegar and baking soda, really. Vinegar is dangerous in the bathtub or shower, it makes it slippery and someone can fall, so I quit doing that. The silverware cleaner mixture didn't work really well, if I had hours of time to sit and rub, maybe it would be better. Made a big mess, that had to be cleaned up with modern cleaners, so not big savings. I don't get a big savings with these homemade recipes, maybe if I lived alone and had nothing much to do, and lots of time on my hands, it would make a difference. Stores I go to don't even carry Mule Team Borax anymore, and you get laughed at if you ask for it. Can't buy lard anymore, either, some people used that to clean silverware with, in the old days.

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4/9/14 3:08 P

You can include me with the baking soda crowd. To clean silver, I make a paste of baking soda and water. It does a great job removing tarnish. I stopped buying the toxic chemical cleaners years ago.

In a pinch, I have used shampoo to clean my clothes when I ran out of detergent.

When it comes to food, home made is better than processed. But as others have noted, just because it's homemade doesn't mean it isn't high in fat or calories. What makes homemade better than processed is the fact that you don't have all those artificial preservatives, additives or sweeteners.

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4/9/14 12:41 P

My favorite thing to make homemade is soup. Easy, inexpensive, and not loaded with chemicals.

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4/9/14 12:30 P

Sure, when you make it yourself, you know what's in it.

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4/9/14 11:22 A

My household cleaners are vinegar and baking soda....sometimes used together and sometimes individually. Saves a lot of money and it is good to the environment.

4/9/14 10:40 A


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4/9/14 10:34 A

"Do you think homemade is more wholesome?"

It CAN be, as you are in control of the amount of fat and sodium (along with other things!).

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4/9/14 9:52 A

Do you think homemade is more wholesome?

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
4/8/14 9:53 P

I make and can stocks and broths. I do attempt to grow vegetables (some years I get a good yield, others not so much) that I either can or freeze. A local farm stand offers produce at reduced rates if you buy in bulk so last year I bought corn for like $.05 an ear, prepared it, then froze it. It's still great.
I make homemade dog food to supplement the store bought. My dogs don't like dry food alone, and store bought wet food causes stomach upset. This way I know exactly what they're getting with the homemade food, and so far there've been no upset stomachs with it. I also make dog treats.
I also reuse whatever I can to create activities to use in my work. Kids love gluing bottle caps to paper, or boxes. Boxes and cans make great instruments or storage containers.

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4/8/14 9:14 P

Hmm I make a lot of stuff at home but I don't know if I save any money.

MY DD and I like to bake so we make our own breads, cookies, protein bars etc. To us they taste better and we can control the ingredients and portion sizes.

I also make puppy slings that I donate to a rescue organization that I volunteer for as a foster mom. The material is donated so I just buy thread. The slings are used to carry around puppies that are too small to walk on a leash. I was blown away to find out that people will buy them!

We make our own spaghetti sauce in huge batches and freeze it.
We freeze and can fresh veggies from the farmers market...wish we could grow our own but our growing season is very short and the weather very unpredictable.

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4/8/14 9:04 P

Last summer I learned how to make laundry soap. It works great, I only use two Tblsp. per load and only costs me $10 for a big canister! I just ran out so tonight I'm making more! Three bars of Ivory soap grated (I put it in the microwave to blow it up so it will be finer), 3 cups of 20 Mule Team Borax, 3 cups of Washing Soda, A few Purex Crystals for scent and that's it! My clothes are so clean! It doesn't make suds, but that's okay! I've since then seen many variations on the internet. What do you make at home to save money?

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