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5/11/11 11:20 P

It is activity that burns calories, not sweating. A sauna will not burn any extra calories. Any water weight that you lose will go straight back on as you rehydrate.

However, a sauna is a good way of relaxing your muscles after a workout, and this may help them perform better in your next workout?


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5/11/11 5:50 P

good for release of toxins in the body

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,893
5/11/11 4:13 P

Do it if you enjoy it and have no contraindications to using one. But take a bottle of water with you and drink it to replenish what you've lost from your workout and from sweating in the sauna.

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5/11/11 4:09 P

Thank you for your input...I didn't think it was anything more than water weight. It is very relaxing.

JUDITH316 Posts: 173,002
5/11/11 1:01 P

I wish I could take advantage of them but a few years back I was enjoying a sauna but this body didn't, I passed out, good job someone was there to help me, after that incident I was told not to use them, no worries in complying, I don't plan on passing out again, at least not from being in a sauna emoticon

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5/11/11 12:51 P

I enjoy saunas also. I like to drink a 20 oz. bottle of water while I sit. I also read a magazine.

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5/11/11 12:41 P

I agree....I LOOOOOOVE the sauna, but it only helps you loose water weight. I take a medication that makes me retain water so actually the sauna helps me loose some of the excess water, but so does an hour of Zumba. :-) Also, saunas can help with circulation (blood pressure), immunity, mental health, muscle relaxation, detoxification, and skin. Of course a sauna is not a substitute for medical care or healthy practices, but it's a fun way to supplement.

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5/11/11 12:22 P

I love sitting in a hot sauna !

A sauna is a marvelous way to relax after an intense workout. It's also great for helping to open up your pores to clean your skin. BUT, it's an old wives tale that says sitting in a sauna helps a person lose weight. Any weight that's lost is nothing more than water weight from the sweat you lose.

I find it hard to believe that a person burns more calories sitting in a sauna than they do taking a 30 minute walk. Which makes me question where that 200 calorie burn figure came from.

Nope, a sauna can do many great things for your body, but they can't help you lose weight. That's all about what you eat.

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5/11/11 12:18 P

Is there any real benefit of sitting in a sauna after a workout? I have started working out with a friend of mine and she really enjoys sitting in the sauna. I don't mind because it gives us girl time. However, the other day another lady was in there stating you burn like 200 calories for sitting in there for 30 min. Any truth to that????

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