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KOKOMAD Posts: 726
7/9/13 11:16 A

Weekend rides are great and a solid no impact workout especially in Hill Country. I commute to and from work on my bike. I use trails and beat traffic/parking and save about 15 minutes a day. I keep my phone and headphones in my bike bag!

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
7/9/13 11:05 A

I love to bike ride on the weekends in the Texas Hill Country. I like to get in between 25-50 miles on Saturdays and Sundays. Varied routes is preferable, it breaks up the monotony, plus if you are riding alone, you do not want your routine to be predictable. Always make sure someone knows where you are riding, take your cell phone (but don't talk or text while riding), water on your bike, a couple of emergency dollars if you have to stop for a drink (I can't carry enough on my bike with 2 bottle holders), and some pepper spray for dogs and/or unwanted human interaction.

I would say NO WAY to listening to music with headphones! You need to be able to hear traffic approaching you from behind.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
7/6/13 11:32 A

no bike ride this morning. had to stay home to take care of my son.

I've been hiking alot this summer and am finding I enjoy it more than I thought I would. Have to go early though!!

LIZZIE138 SparkPoints: (86,072)
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7/6/13 11:09 A

I just got done with my bike ride. I did 50 minutes at a good pace. I love getting outside to get my exercise in. Today it is very warm and humid so I think i got a good workout.

Anyone else bike ride? Do you change up your route? Listen to music while you ride?

Just curious.

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