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5/14/13 1:41 P

My favorite use for salsa is as a pizza sauce. I made personal pizzas quite a bit -- for me, it is a quick, filling dinner. I sometimes use a homemade pizza crust recipe, and I sometimes used a toasted whole wheat pita.

I love using salsa as my pizza sauce, topping it with cooked chicken, bell peppers, onions, cheese, and any other veggies you might like. It is delicious.

I also use it in lettuce wraps. I use lettuce instead of tortillas and bread quite a bit.

To add more spice to my salsa, I sometimes mix it with a bit of Frank's red hot sauce or cajun seasoning. Yum!

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5/14/13 1:40 P

breakfast burritos, taco salad (without the chips or fried bowl), google mexican on Spark Recipes and see what you get, some healthier options you can eat all your salsa with.

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5/14/13 12:54 P

You could use it as a salad dressing, on tacos or on burritos. Someone already mentioned the crockpot salsa chicken--it's tasty stuff.

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5/14/13 12:52 P

Salsa makes a great soup base, I love it in macaroni and cheese (it helps lighten the dish too as you can then use less cheese), sauce for homemade taco pizza (so you can make it as healthy as you want), salad dressing, and meatloaf topping. I also use it pretty much anywhere ketchup is generally used as I don't like the sweetness of ketchup (yes, I go through lots of salsa :-)).

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5/14/13 12:15 P

I mix salsa with cottage cheese and have that as a dip for blue corn chips - it is very filling and the cottage cheese makes it more nutritionally complete. It is also very tasty mixed with tuna as a snack.

for the ultimate lean tacos, try taking a small outside or inside round roast, trim away any excess, put it in a slow cooker and cover with salsa then cook on low for 12 - 14 hours. Shred the meat with a couple of forks then return it to cook for another 30 minutes. In the meantime prepare your favorite taco fixings. Use plain low-fat yogurt in place of the sour cream. The meat tastes amazing - best tacos ever - and it is very nutritious.

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5/14/13 12:09 P

I use salsa in LOTS of recipes, which I use the jarred for.
But I LOVE the zucchini salsa recipe I found a few years ago that I will actually eat the chunks on a chip. And instead of chips. I take flour tortillas, cut them into smaller squares with a pizza cutter, and bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for about 5 min, flip and bake about another 5. depending on your tortilla. just till brown. At least there is not as much salt on these, and it gives the right crunch of the chip that I seem to want with it.


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5/14/13 11:52 A

I mix salsa with a bit of olive oil (like 1tsp per serving) and then use it as a dressing on veggies like green beans that I've boiled for a few minutes. I add in some thinly sliced red onion "strings" and it makes for a really nice summer salad, it's good at room temperature or cold too.

You can also top salsa on chicken and bake it... I think there's a "famous" crockpot recipe for salsa chicken over on sparkrecipes. You can also just use it as a topping for already cooked chicken by itself, or as tacos. The other day I also mixed it with rice to make a mexicanish rice that was lower in calorie than a lot of recipes are.

I love salsa, especially in the summer... I make my own to keep the sodium down.

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5/14/13 11:43 A

Salsa on chicken, on burgers, on fish, on baked potatoes, mixed into refried beans, mixed into rice and baked to get a kind of Spanish rice, on eggs (as you said), mixed with avocado to make guacamole, top taco salad, top "taco" salad which is sort of everything except the meat,... I put salsa on a lot.

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5/14/13 11:34 A

Use it to make some kind of mexican casserole

I actually love mixing salsa in with mac and cheese.

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5/14/13 11:31 A

Okay, so I have a great salsa, which I traditionally would eat with chips; lots of chips, too many chips (yes, there is a pattern here) :)

Any good thoughts on how else to use it? I'm not a big egg person, so might do it in scrambled eggs once a week. Combined it with little goat cheese today and spread on bread and it was good. But would love more suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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