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4/17/11 9:17 P

I do almost the same as PRIVET I add lemon slices as well.

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4/17/11 9:24 A

Hi! I cook my salmon always the same way and it always comes out great.
You will need:
Salmon 1lb
onion medium
garlic salt
italian seasoning
dry oregano
olive oil
Cut onion in rings and place it on a baking tray. You will also need some of it on top of the salmon. Onion rings will protect salmon from sticking and add an amazing flavor. Sprinkle salmon evenly with garlic salt, italian seasoning and oregano put the rest of the onion rings on top add some olive oil.
Bake at 375F 1 lb fillet 20-30 min.
I use my toaster oven it bakes much faster when stove oven so check it after 20 min. You can also add some carrots and red bell peppers around fillet. My family loves it! good luck! emoticon

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4/15/11 1:56 P

I love salmon and cook it once in awhile as a treat

I would buy a small filet for yourself and try to cook it again

Try this recipe if you would like

One salmon filet
One fresh sprig of dill (take stem part off)
One fresh lemon slice in wheelse

Season filet with salt and pepper
Lay fresh dill on filet and top with one fresh lemon wheel

bake at 350 un covered until filet begins to look like a pink opague - a single filet will cook quickly so keep eye on it

low fat sour cream three tsp for one portion
one fresh sprig of dill squeeze one wheel of lemon and cut up cucumber very fine add salt and pepper place over fish or put on side of plate


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4/15/11 1:22 P

I bought the packet of Salmon and never made it because I didn't know how to!!

4/15/11 11:44 A

They have some whole salmon on sale for $3.99/pound this week - but you have to buy the whole thing. They will filet it for you.

Last time I did this, I ended up throwing a majority of it away. So not really worth the cost savings per pound.

Salmon filets are about $7.99-$8.99/pound.

I LOVE salmon, but my family hates it, and I cook it so rarely that I suck at cooking it and never get it to the correct done-ness.

I just cringe at the $7.99 price....but is it worth it??

I'm not really fond of the cheaper fish, like Tilapia and Cod. Too fishy tasting for me.

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